Sherlock Thinks That’s The Nicest Thing About You, Greg

Rupert Graves as D. I. Lestrade in BBC Sherlock seated with antler hat, text reads: You do know everyone on my list is naughty, right?

The Silver Fox likes them naughty, Sherlock. We all know that.

For those who missed it, Martin Freeman did The Colbert Report to promote The Hobbit, and even Colbert had to tease him about the Sherlock delay. The interview is adorable, as to be expected. Freeman scored a win with his “legless Lego Legolas” zing causing even Colbert to lose it.

Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch is causing more hearts to throb and people to swoon, particularly at his representative agency, with his voiceover for the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. *sigh* This does bode well for the Sherlock series continuation, if the leads are kept busy with lots of other offers. On the other hand, I’m thrilled they are getting the much deserved recognition and opportunities.

I’ll be posting my Holiday Wish List next week. (And, no, it’s not that.)

Do You Know All I Want For Christmas Is You, Sherlock?

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes sneering as he plays violin; text reads: For the last time, I do not know Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer!"

Okay, I have to confess I’ve spent a large chunk of playing the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser (both the US and the Japanese versions) largely to hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice. I swear the man’s voice  could sell me Windows 8 (okay, that might be going a bit far, byt the man could definitely sell me Windows 8. I wouldn’t actually install it on anything, but I’d buy it from him.). So just in case you’ve missed it, I’ve embedded the English video below.

But to give equal time, BakerStreetBabes brought to our attention a very short film with Martin Freeman entitled “The Girl Is Mime” that he did in 2010 for a special project. The entire thing was written and shot in 48 hours (I’m assuming with very little sleep on the part of the writer, director, and most of the other people involved). It let’s Martin Freeman demonstrate just how magnificently expressive his eyes are. Oh, and it’s from Vimeo, so you may have to be a little more patient with download speed.


The Girl Is Mime – Starring Martin Freeman from Tim Bunn on Vimeo.

Evil Benedict Cumberbatch With THAT Voice!

Now I *have* to see The Hobbit in 3D just so I can see the 8 minute trailer that’s suppose to be airing from Star Trek Into Darkness. *heavy sigh*

Okay, back to creating more Sherlock (and — knock wood — Sherlock Holmes) Holiday Madness.

Sherlock Gift Tags Have Arrived, John!

A Holiday Gift for You

to say Thank You for your support of both Sherlock Holmes and this site.

Click on the image below or this link to download a set of 10 gift tags featuring characters from BBC Sherlock (sorry I’ll work on the other versions). The tags were designed to to be printed on Avery micro-perfed business card paper, but can be printed on any card stock and cut apart if preferred.

An image of the Sherlock Holiday Gift Tag PDF

Click on image to download the Sherlock Holiday Gift Tags PDF (6.6MB)

Have fun!

(Oh, and if you need some gifts to use with the tags, please feel free to check out our new MX Publishing Shop or consider a t-shirt, tote, or calendar… all profits for December go to the Hurricane Sandy Funds of the Red Cross and the Humane Society.)

221B Baker Street Pretty Much Fills Santa’s Naughty List

Martin Freeman as John Watson on BBC Sherlock looking at Molly's chest; text reads: John knows exactly why he's on the naughty list, Sherlock

It’s really too bad Molly can’t even remember John’s name in The Great Game because he’d definitely be interested in taking her out and they’d have something in common to talk about (i.e., Sherlock). But that darn Biological Imperative means that a smart woman like Molly is going to crave Sherlock’s “massive intellect.” Poor Molly!


I’m Pretty Certain John Can Help You With the Answer, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock looking at computer screen with a puzzled frown; text says: John, why am I on the 'naughty' list?

Hmmm, drugging your best friend without his knowledge or consent; sneaking into top secret military bases with I.D. stolen from your brother; breaking and entering on numerous occasions; then there’s that whole naked at the Palace behaviour and helping a blackmailing, traitorous terrorist-supporter escape thing…oh, and of course, the lying to your friends and re-opening psychological wounds in a war veteran stuff. I just can’t imagine why you’re on the “Naughty List,” Sherlock. [“Sarcasm.” “Yes.]

(Notice I left off making all your fans wait an additional three months minimum for the next episode…)

There’s an absolutely adorable cartoon of young Mycroft and his Christmas Wish List here (although Mummy looks much too loving, solidly middle-class and mundane for the psychological profile of a parent for Mycroft and Sherlock). I’d spotted it before I found it listed all a bunch of other terrific fan art links on Anne Zanoni’s Sherlock blog here. And finally, I found this interesting piece from another nerd/geek/tech regarding the pros and cons of Jeremy Brett’s series, Sherlock and Elementary (although I completely disagree with the Elementary analysis given I finally got to see the latest episode all the way through, but I’m working on my own Open Letter Holiday Wish List to Moftiss and may post it, so I’ll save the comments).

Well, Technically, John, Sherlock Cracked Santa’s List

Benedict Cumbertach  as BBC Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman as John Watson in antlers - Text says: You hacked Santa's list? Ooh, sherlock, you're in trouble now.

See? Antlers. Look closely. Bit hard to see in this background. More coming. (It’s a series with something like a narrative.)

Speaking of more coming, in case you haven’t noticed, and still are looking for gifts or good reading, we’ve added an MX Publishing shop to the site. I’ll be adding some reviews shortly, but let me start by saying A Sherlock Holmes Who’s Who by Molly Carr is a must have for any Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Canon pastiche authors, and I highly recommend it for any BBC Sherlock or Sherlock Holmes fan fiction writers who want to incorporate from the Canon. Great for names, places, and insider bits (like those Vatican Cameos). It would make a terrific gift for the author on your list!

And speaking of gifts, the folks at Sherlockology have a new Advent Calendar Mystery Contest going called the Silverstone Blaze, done like the Sherlock: Casebook with sarcastic Post-its and all. Lots of fun!

Trying to finish a Holmes Boys story for the season, but have run into a philosophical question and decided to take a poll. Your help is appreciated.

[cardoza_wp_poll id=4]



But Santa Moftiss, We’ve Been Good!

A series of images of Andrew Scott as BBC Sherlock James Moriarty looking disturbed and then screaming; text reads "A 3 month delay for Sherlock S3 production? Why not just KILL ME NOW!"


Yes, that eery, horrific noise you heard was the sound of millions of BBC Sherlock fans screaming in pain at the news that production for Season 3 is being delayed for at least 3 months due to scheduling conflicts for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

This is what happens when you have so much incredible talent working together. *Heavy sigh* Well, kids, I guess we’ll just have to find ways to keep ourselves entertained (notice I did not say sane) until late 2013.


Mycroft Holds a Minor Position In the Government

Mark Gatiss as BBC Sherlock Mycroft Holmes with a look of questioning warning and the lyrics to Santa Clause Is Coming to Town

So be good for goodness sake, Sherlock!

Oh, come on, you know Mycroft Holmes keeps a list of who’s naughty and nice. And where does he get all those beautiful, graceful people for his staff if they aren’t elves? And then there’s the way he can mysterious cover amazing distances to turn up where he’s needed exactly when he’s needed (true, he could have a TARDIS, but what’s a sleigh with flying reindeer but a TARDIS with the chameleon circuit stuck on something other than a police box?). And he used to be fat! (Alright, I have a bit of trouble with the “jolly” (and other things ending in “olly”), but he does enjoy laughing, chuckling, and smiling in an intimidating fashion, so I suppose he could, from a distance, in the dark, be mistaken for jolly… ) And we all know it’s mother who buys us presents.

So I Believe In Mycroft Holmes — and Santa!

NaNoWriMo is almost over (and I’ve almost finished the first draft of my fanfic novel) so I can get to work on a few holiday treats for my site visitors. (FYI, Mycroft has been the only one so far who has utterly refused the antlers — but I’m still working on it.)

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving and everyone has been enjoying Black Friday through Cyber Monday. I’ve got the remaining Sherlock Quotes Version 1 T-shirts and tote bags back up in the shop and by tomorrow I’ll have my MX Publishing store up (along with the start of the antler-mania).

There seems to be all sorts of things that Benedict Cumberbatch is up to in the way of work (His parents did a fantastic job, didn’t they? He has beauty, brains, talent, manners, compassion, and an amazing work ethic. Actually, Team Sherlock in general has some amazingly Good, in the old-fashioned sense as well as the quality-sense of the word, People.

Well, I’ve got to get about 5k words written, if I hope to make my NaNoWriMo deadline, so laterz!


Scrooge-lock May Have a Change of Heart

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes looking excited during the holidays -- in an antler hat

Well, Grinch-lock just seemed wrong and besides I’m NOT writing a musical this year. (No, really, I just don’t have time. I still have a NaNoWriMo Sherlock novel to finish before Dec. 1st!).

Be forewarned, however, that there is a holiday series about to start. Check back on Monday for the first installment. SPOILER ALERT: There will be antlers in honor of Mrs. Hudson and Una Stubbs.

On the news front, Anne Zanoni has ferreted out some terrific links to art and comics and just plain good fun (as well as some excellent posts) over at her Sherlock blog (FYI, she’s an excellent copy editor for novels if you know any SF/Fantasy writers who need a bit of help. She’s even been known to do a bit of line editing, if you make it worth her while.)

One of the people and sites Anne has hooked me on is wellingtongoose who has a fabulous piece on Why Sherlock Is Not Sexist (and the BBC series isn’t — but Elementary is (and racist)). There are a few minor errors in the series of articles, but nothing that changes the conclusion (e.g., in the ACD Canon, Mrs. Hudson was Sherlock and Watson’s housekeeper and not their landlady. This is a distinction that was significant in those days since a housekeeper was a servant while a landlady is & was a business woman). Recent conversations have made me want to start doing some real analysis of some of the renditions of Sherlock (which I’ve avoided because I didn’t want to raise any hackles, but my inner Sherlock is saying “Oh, please. Those people are idiots anyway.” [Hey, it’s my inner Sherlock. He doesn’t worry about social conventions and people’s feelings.])

On a totally different front, and from the unlikely source of an IttyBiz class mate, are the delightful cartoons (and Cthulhu art) at Antemortum Arts. You guys know how much I love the Holmes Boys and her series of cartoons about young Mycroft and Sherlock are a hoot! (And yes, there will be some new Holmes Boys stories for the holidays — and a little some more.)

I was going to try and get up links to all the things that are happening to Benedict Cumberbatch (such as numerous audio work including the sequel to The Snowman and various rumours of a Monty Python-esque comedy (please, please, pleeee-ase, do a comedy, Mr. Cumberbatch) as well as Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, et al, but the list is huge and I’m wanting to get this NaNoWriMo Shelrock fanfic novel done in time, so I’ll save it for the next post.