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Good Thing You’re Not One of the Criminal Classes, Eh, Sherlock?

I’m rapidly crating a list of movies I haven’t seen (and had little interest in seeing) that I want to see now that some scathingly brilliant folks have done a mash-up with Sherlock.

Enjoy while I work on getting the rest of the post-convention stuff unpacked and online.

Happy Birthday, Mark Gatiss!

Right. I haven’t had a chance to finish the special birthday fanfic in time (but it *will* be up tomorrow as sort of a birthday bonus), so I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite Mark Gatiss Youtube appearances.

Here’s wishing Mr. Gatiss a fantastic birthday (it should certainly be a hallmark year in his life with the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who and a certain-to-be-award-winning season 3 Sherlock) and a year filled with joy, peace, health, and happiness!


(I moved this up to encourage you to keep watching the rest. This is a terrific Mycroft Trailer for BBC Sherlock)

Gatiss laugh-fest time sink series. (And did you notice I cleverly I worked in a “birthday” cake in this post?)

The question is did he give his “secret” formula to the props department for the end of Reichenbach Falls?

And it’s so appropriate that it’s includes Dickens since he was another extremely popular Victorian serial writer.

Well, you knew I had to include some Sherlock video, didn’t you?

Okay, Pryne and Gatiss and hysterically Gatiss comedy. Why can’t I find this on DVD?

And I figured I should include a little something about the future. (I also figured no one wouldn’t mind seeing Moffat and Scott as well.)

And a big Thank You to everyone who donated to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Project which exceeded expectations. (And don’t you think the face fuzz is awfully cute (although I’m rather glad Mycroft doesn’t have it)?)

And finally, Our Man Mycroft!

Oh, and my authentic British Fulton walking umbrella arrived today so I can now cosplay Mycroft at the Seattle Sherlock Convention, 3 & 4 November, 2012! Hooray!

One Tiny Thing to Share, Sherlock

Bit crazed today with work and commitments, especially after attendee the volunteer meeting for the Seattle Sherlock Convention (much more information forthcoming). (And yes, Sherlock Cares will be there with t-shirts, totes and more. Thank you for asking.)

At the meeting I met a delightful actress and fan video maker named Beverly who has done this marvelous Post-Reichenbach piece I thought I’d share today (yes, I do have most of the flash fic I promised done and, knock wood, it will go up later today).


Meanwhile, enjoy!


And No, Sherlock, Moriarty Can’t Be the Murderer

Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson in BBC Sherlock in striped jumper looking at something and smiling

Oh, there’s a new version of Cluedo with Moriarty murdered. Now if it were Sherlock murdered everyone would know it would be me in the flat with a microscope.


Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes looking up with a puzzled expression

Moriarty murdered? But it was suicide. Moriarty. On the roof. With a gun. See, John, it is possible for the victim to do it. They must have changed the rules.

If you haven’t heard the news, there is to be a special edition of Cluedo with the characters from BBC Sherlock. Moriarty is the victim. And I’m hoping it’s Molly Hooper in the lab with poison. Actually, I’m hoping it comes out in time for me to get it as a Christmas present and schedule a game with a bunch of other Sherlockians along with a BBC Sherlock marathon to greet the New Year.

The game is being offered by Winning Moves through a special license with BBC and Hasbro. No listing yet on the Winning Moves website. Meanwhile, here’s a brief article over at Televisual.

I’m running a bit behind because I’ve got to prep for classes and a special project on another site, but I should have some new fanfic posted by the beginning of next week. I’ve also gotten a heads up about a possible new exclusive fan video some time next week.

And yes, I’m testing the Facebook plugin that’s suppose to allow me to post here and have it appear on Sherlock Cares Fan page, so apologies in advance for any inconveniences and screw ups (I will reserve my rants about Facebook). (At this point, I’m seriously reserving my Facebook rant. Could we all please just leave and go find someplace that really cares about its users for our gathering spot? Please?)


Mycroft Says Support the Mark Gatiss Birthday Fundraiser

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes in BBC Sherlock looking at his umbrella tip

Yes, but blowing out candles would be so ordinary, wouldn’t it?

Took me a bit to find the proper link for donations to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Fundraiser, but here it is on (and frankly the target amount is ridiculously tiny, so please, let’s just blow that out of the water. Why it’d barely cover the cost of Mycroft’s umbrella budget for the year!). The permalink with all the details can be found here and a big Thank You to TheCutterAlicia over at Tumblr.

Mr. Gatiss’s birthday is 17 October. He will be 46 years old. His birthstone is Opal and the birth flower is the calendula. And while Mycroft would not approve and Sherlock would mock, I’ll include the information that Mr. Gatiss’s astrological sign is Libra. For those of you so inclined, here is a link to his astrological profile. A snippet has this to say:

You have strong opinions and possess much determination. Your insight into human nature makes up part of your appeal to others. Your tendency to bang your head against the wall and to become frustrated easily is something that you outgrow and/or temper over the years. Your strong ideals and emotions, if channeled constructively, can bring you much success in your chosen profession. Communication is important to you, although your own communication style is moody. You are highly intelligent and possess the ability to “hit the nail on the head”. Although you can be blunt at times, you generally come across well to others, simply because they can sense your good intentions.
idealistic – emotional – restless

Isn’t this fun?

Don’t forget to click on the link and donate a little something. And, even if you can’t donate a little something, you can help by spreading the word throughout the internet on all that lovely social media.


And since we’re on a Mark Gatiss/Mycroft kick, I’ll offer up another Mycroft – Sherlock brother fan music video to enjoy.

Ooh, Sherlock – Mycroft Holmes Brother Angst, Yummy

As some of you know I prefer my angst in small doses, but this was such a beautiful discovery I had to share. It’s got me itching to get back to being able to write so I can do my post-Reichenbach Falls Mycroft story.

Meanwhile, enjoy!


It’s the Landing We All Worry About, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes smiling on the roof of Bart's talking on a mobile phone

John, Moriarty was right. It’s just like flying! You should give it a try.

Yes, back-to-school is playing havoc with my schedule, however, I want to point out a trick and a treat for us.

First, the trick. That drop in the air pressure was Benedict Cumberbatch fans inhaling and holding their collective breaths as he did his first(?) skydive in New Zealand. The photos show him having a wonderful time. The photos are all over the celebrity news sites, so I won’t bother swiping any for here.

The treat is that fabulous fan maven, app developer and author, Heidi Berthiaume, has created a new BBC Sherlock fan video and posted it at her site here:

You won’t find her videos on YouTube or Vimeo, so click the link and check out this fabulous video.

She’ll be doing a number of panels at FenCon this coming weekend, so if you are near Dallas/Ft. Worth, stop for a little Sherlocking (and Who and Japanese anime and Firefly/Whedon).

Because This Wholock is Brilliant, Sherlock

Seriously. This is better than 99% of the explosion-heavy movies I’ve had to endure for the past few years. I’d *pay* to see this (even if it doesn’t make sense, but then again Dr. Who never has…that’s half the fun). I mean, Sherlock, Watson, 2 Doctors, Moriarty, The Master, Mycroft, River Song, companions, Weeping Angels and more. Oh, my.

We All Know Sherlock Is Magic

If you haven’t watched Reichenbach Fall (Season 3, Episode 3) of BBC Sherlock, don’t watch the video. It’s all the climatic scenes.

This video is much better than the movie the voiceover came from (The Prestige), however, Michael Caine plus Sherlock is a win no matter how you look at it. I find the editor of this video did an amazing job making Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s performances even more evocative.

And I’m thinking this is a small warning to Moffat and Gatiss that the fans are expecting something amazing for Season 3 Episode 1 and The Return.

Still recovering so I’m running a bit behind on the updates and upgrades to the site. Please be patient and please check back. I’m keeping to my Caption-A-Day Pledge.