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BBC Sherlock Is Awesome!

Hurray! Another new fan video by HFS (High Functioning Sociopath).

HighFunctioning Sociopath Note:

This one took forever. At times it looks like I channeled Michael Bay. Apologies. I won’t apologize for the innuendo in the final sequence. I don’t actually believe there is anything but a life-long friendship between Holmes and Watson, but an accidental pairing of two clips made me laugh and after that everything just fell into place. I ended up going back and adding all of the Mycroft reaction shots and laughed more. So I kept it.

The song is by a fantastic Seattle-based band called The Senate. The Senate has been on hiatus for a couple of years (although individual members have been creating new work), however, their earlier CDs are still available on iTunes and other places. Check out: (Impossible Bird is Nick Drummond’s new group as well)

And, of course, there are some videos of The Senate on YouTube.

I’m letting SherlockCares to cross-promote this video on Tumblr in hopes it will drive some new visitors to this site and some new sales for the charity.

This is probably the longest I’ll ever type, so I’ll end by saying I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment.

John Watson Asks How To Save a Life

Hurray! Another exclusive video from HighFunctioningSociopath and some exciting news. It seems HFS is strapped for time and would rather make videos than build and maintain a website to show the videos for now, so we are going to be hosting them for a bit. (And yes, there are more in the works.) — Watson, Admin

[From HighFunctioningSociopath: This is actually one of a pair done post-Reichenbach. The one from Sherlock’s point of view was started first but hasn’t been finished. This one just seemed to come more easily. Martin Freeman was so powerful in this episode.]



You’re Gonna Find Out Who Your True Friends Are, Sherlock

Very excited! Our first Guest. Our first non-YouTube fan music video.

Since all the True Friends of the BBC series Sherlock will be keeping their fingers crossed for a Big Night for Team Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch in particular (although a second BAFTA for Martin Freeman would be nice), I agreed this was an appropriate choice.

Thank You Shout Out @HighFunctioning Sociopath!

Note from HighFunctioning Sociopath: This is for H who likes her video like good scotch — neat and straight.

Song: True Friends
Artist: Shannon Curfman
Album: Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions (1999)

Available on iTunes and other places

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. No rights are claimed to the video clips or the music. All of my creativity is in the mashup and editing. This video is intended entirely for fun and entertainment only.


BBC Sherlock Comedy Crackvid To Help With the Reichenbach Depression

As promised, here’s another brilliant KatrinDepp video — this time with some laughs. Enjoy!

Admit it. You’ll never be able to see the pool scene without hearing Justin Bieber now… that was pure evil.

[Viewer Comments Encouraged]

Will You Do This For Me? BBC Sherlock Video

KatrinDepp is one of my favorite fan video creators and this is a tour de force. My chest actually tightens every time I watch this video. So grab a hankie and watch a mini-masterpiece of John Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Reichenbach Fall.

p.s. I’ll be posting one of her comedy in a few hours to heal a bit of the pain…

BBC Sherlock Reichenbach Fall Comedy Cure Part 2

I’ve seen the “Hitler Reacts” meme for dozens of other topics, but I spewed tea all over my cat when I saw this one for BBC Sherlock. (I’ve been know to walk around saying “I should have stayed in anime like Stalin” when I’ve been particularly depressed about how long we have to wait for Season 3. We are definitely The Fandom Who Waits…)

FYI, the actual German movie, The Downfall, is brilliant as well.

The Hangover Cure for Reichenbach Fall Depression

I’ve been waiting for a chance to start sharing some of my favorite fan videos because most of them contain bits from Season 2 of BBC Sherlock, but now I’m free at last, free at last. However, I’m certain some of you are feeling a bit down after The Fall. Okay, in total and complete shock. So here’s a little something that shows even really horribly offensive movies can have value.

[Note: I love Andrew Scott’s Moriarty in this. It shows there’s a fine line between genius and doofus…]



Sherlock Holmes Is Not a Psychopath, Anderson


Technically, Sherlock Holmes would now be classified as ASBD, anti-social behavioral disorder. It’s the bigger basket for lumping sociopathic and low-level psychopathic behavior. But, frankly, I prefer the TCIHNPD (Tragically Cool, Incredibly Hot Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

And I’m certain Johnson & Johnson will have some medication for that shortly… (You just know that if Sherlock had been raised in the U.S., he would have been slapped onto Ritalin or Adderall after the first day of pre-school and doped into submission for the rest of his youth. How boring.)


Sherlock Holmes Finds It’s Too Late for Logic With Irene Adler

Just to remind viewers of how smashing the first episode of Season 2 of BBC’s Sherlock was, here’s a video from one of my favorite fan music video creators, KatrinDepp (whom I suspect has already seen Dark Shadows this weekend). She does some amazing changes with color changes and repeats so “don’t blink.”