Is This the Sherlock Season 3 Teaser, Moftiss?

Brilliant! I wish I had thought of this. (And yes, I’ve thought of several variations, so perhaps a bunch of us can come up with our own concepts on the theme of using the Star Trek Into Darkness voiceover with Sherlock or just a plain Sherlock-STID mash-up).

More antlers later today. Working away on the Holmes Boys Christmas Story (ooh, now I have another idea. “My mind is like a racing engine…” Seriously. I need to get some holiday work done — and some laundry! I can’t just Sherlock 24/7. No. Really. I can’t.)

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4 thoughts on “Is This the Sherlock Season 3 Teaser, Moftiss?

    1. Watson Post author

      I know. High functioning Sociopath was planning to do one to the Star Trek Into Darkness voiceover, but doesn’t feel it can be any better than this. I’m just hoping Mark Gatiss doesn’t get any ideas, given his fondness for horror…


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