John Watson Should Have Asked Sherlock About His DMT Experiments

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC Series Sherlock looking dopey with psychedelic-looking lights and colors out of focus around him

Maybe I should have asked Sherlock for more details during Lestrade's drugs bust...

I couldn’t resist when I saw this shot after having just watched most of a documentary on the revival of experiments into the affects and efficacy of psychedelic drugs, particularly DMT which practitioners of an ancient Amazon religion have gotten court approval to continue using in their services. Let’s be honest, given Sherlock’s proclivities to conduct assorted chemical and biological experiments in his own kitchen (I keep looking for that spray bottle of 10% chlorine solution for disinfecting all surfaces, not to mention the “biohazardous materials” stickers on the fridge), we have to suspect he did a little pharmacological cooking and testing on a “superior mind” — and an “average one.”

Poor John. He’s a bit like one of those incredibly lovely and trusting dogs who never figures out that sometimes his owner lies and doesn’t actually toss the ball…

This is not to suggest that Martin Freeman, or John Watson, is a dog. John Watson wouldn’t have to worry about choosing between the lilo or the sofa if he kipped at my place…

Oh, look! Scientific American published a timely online article on the topic. Of psychedelic drugs, not John kipping at my place.


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