More Sherlock Holiday Prezzies

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t LOOK or read any further if you don’t want to see ANY preview photos (or hints) for Sherlock Season (Series) 3.

Right don’t say you weren’t warned.

Sherlock, normally the tallest person is suppose to stand in the back.  Photographer: Robert Viglasky

Sherlock, normally the tallest person is suppose to stand in the back.
Photographer: Robert Viglasky

Metro has a bunch of new promotional photos for BBC Sherlock Series 3 up (which are exploding the on the web as I type). I’ve snagged a few from various sources (like the one above) to accompany this very brief piece (because I’m still working on doing the impossible of escaping a Black Hole of a project I’m trying to finish by tomorrow — so I can leap into the gravitational pull of other inescapable objects… like Sherlock). See photo gallery (with snide comments) below, but I did want to get some other things mentioned before you get lost in Sherlock Eye Candy.

Gift Ideas for the Sherlock Fans on Your List

I leave it to you to decide whose on the Naughty list…

Oh, and before I forget again, for those who are actually wrapping and exchanging presents already, here’s where you can get the PDF for my Sherlock Christmas Gift Tags.

Uh, oh. I feel myself being sucked back into the project Black Hole…



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2 thoughts on “More Sherlock Holiday Prezzies

  1. Paul Cooper

    This post does not appear on the home page for Sherlock Cares, and I haven’t been able to find it clicking around the page. You might want to check your setup and make sure everything is getting through.

    -Paul Cooper

    1. Watson Post author

      Thank you for the notification (and visiting the site)! Apparently Moriarty’s henchmen did something to the Quick Cache plugin that caused it to glitch and stop updating the front page. I’ve turned off caching for now (was using it to speed up page loading). Checked with various browsers and all the MIA posts appear to be back on the listings. Once I get caught up with work and the Holidays, I”ll be dealing with the pesky theme issue by creating a new theme. Thanks again for the notice.


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