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You’re Impersonation of An American Tourist Was a Little Too Good, Moriarty

Andrew Scott as James Moriarty in BBC Sherlock in a London ballcap and casual clothes

Ben was right. No one recognizes you when you wear a ball cap. Especially an embarrassing one. I’ll have to try a hoodie next time.

Someone should have warned Benedict Cumberbatch not to give away his secret about going about incognito. I’d highly recommend Sherlock not try this trick to avoid being recognized by John Watson…

It’s How We All Feel When We Hear That Voice, Moriarty

Andrew Scott as James Moriarty in BBC Sherlock looking ecstatic as he listens to something onhis earbuds

Shut up! I’m listening to Sherlock read the phone book.

Oh, yeah, that’s how we all feel, James.

Having discovered that Benedict Cumberbatch has done the audio versions of  some of Ngaio Marsh’s mysteries (and Ngaio Marsh being a mystery author I adore), I have already proposed another way for some of us to survive the Long Wait until Season 3 by having a knitting and tea party while we listen to Benedict Cumberbatch, he of the terribly English name and mind-meltingly fabulous British voice, read the brilliant New Zealand author of some wickedly smart, top drawer, British cozy mysteries.

Alas, it appears we must order our CDs (my dear, I want to be able to port this voice to every electronic device I own) from Amazon UK. For anyone else wishing to indulge in an audible orgy, please use the links below. Thank you!


From Amazon UK

And here’s a bit of Sherlock Holmes:

See warning note below about listening to Benedict Cumberbatch read Casanova’s story. I mean really, Shouldn’t there be some kind of warning label or something.

From Amazon US:

Okay, we take no responsibility for what happens if you listen to Benedict Cumberbatch read Casanova. I’m just warning you. (Especially if you listen while eating hot fudge sauce and whipped cream oozing down a couple of scoops of extra rich French Vanilla or Dulce de Leche ice cream…)

Because This Wholock is Brilliant, Sherlock

Seriously. This is better than 99% of the explosion-heavy movies I’ve had to endure for the past few years. I’d *pay* to see this (even if it doesn’t make sense, but then again Dr. Who never has…that’s half the fun). I mean, Sherlock, Watson, 2 Doctors, Moriarty, The Master, Mycroft, River Song, companions, Weeping Angels and more. Oh, my.

It’s Okay. You’re Safe, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock looking skeptically at someone off camera

No, the Doctor cannot save Moriarty with the Tardis. He blew his brains out with a very big gun. Accept it.

Sorry andrew Scott and Moriarty fans (and I’m one as well), but the best we can hope for is his reappearance as a flashback. That was a very large gun which would have made a huge hole in Moriarty’s head (really, be thankful they didn’t decide to be graphically accurate). Moriarty wouldn’t have had enough brains left to read Hello.

Let Me Explain, Boys

Katharine Parkinson as Kitty Riley in the BBC series Sherlock looking at Sherlock Holmes with hand on arm of Andrew Scott as James Moriarty who has day old stubble on face and looks disheveled.

No, it’s not what it looks like! I would never cheat on you, Sherlock! Well, at least not with her…


Sorry. I keep having The Big Bang Theory lines running through my head and this looks so much like an ugly relationship scene. Oh, wait, it is an ugly relationship scene. Just not the fun kind.

You know this cries out for a fun fanfic. Anyone?


We All Know Sherlock Is Magic

If you haven’t watched Reichenbach Fall (Season 3, Episode 3) of BBC Sherlock, don’t watch the video. It’s all the climatic scenes.

This video is much better than the movie the voiceover came from (The Prestige), however, Michael Caine plus Sherlock is a win no matter how you look at it. I find the editor of this video did an amazing job making Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s performances even more evocative.

And I’m thinking this is a small warning to Moffat and Gatiss that the fans are expecting something amazing for Season 3 Episode 1 and The Return.

Still recovering so I’m running a bit behind on the updates and upgrades to the site. Please be patient and please check back. I’m keeping to my Caption-A-Day Pledge.

BBC Sherlock Is Awesome!

Hurray! Another new fan video by HFS (High Functioning Sociopath).

HighFunctioning Sociopath Note:

This one took forever. At times it looks like I channeled Michael Bay. Apologies. I won’t apologize for the innuendo in the final sequence. I don’t actually believe there is anything but a life-long friendship between Holmes and Watson, but an accidental pairing of two clips made me laugh and after that everything just fell into place. I ended up going back and adding all of the Mycroft reaction shots and laughed more. So I kept it.

The song is by a fantastic Seattle-based band called The Senate. The Senate has been on hiatus for a couple of years (although individual members have been creating new work), however, their earlier CDs are still available on iTunes and other places. Check out: http://www.myspace.com/senateband
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Senate/17849979124 (Impossible Bird is Nick Drummond’s new group as well)

And, of course, there are some videos of The Senate on YouTube.

I’m letting SherlockCares to cross-promote this video on Tumblr in hopes it will drive some new visitors to this site and some new sales for the charity.

This is probably the longest I’ll ever type, so I’ll end by saying I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment.

Moriarty Is Not In His Happy Place

Andrew Scott as James Moriarty from the BBC series Sherlock in British flag ball cap and with ear buds in his ears looking down with a serious expression at his iPod

I owe you, Sherlock, for deleting my Queen playlist!

Oh, come on. Weren’t you hoping he’d play some Queen in that scene? I mean We Will Rock You or some Bohemian Rhapsody. At least We Are the Champions.

FYI, if you’d like your own London tourist ball cap, you can one here thanks to Cheryl Morris of ClickSouvenirs. No rush.


Congratulations to Andrew Scott and Steven Moffat for Their BAFTA 2012 Wins

Andrew Scott as James Moriarty smirking

And Honey, You Should See Me With A BAFTA!

Well, it was terribly unfortunate that we couldn’t have a Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott tie, but I’m certain the BAFTA voters figured since Mr. Freeman got one last season and he has another season of Sherlock in 2013, they would make certain Mr. Scott got his much deserved recognition. As far as I’m concerned, the Best Moriarty Ever.

And speaking of psychos… I suspect the BAFTA voters used much the same logic in voting for Dominic West over Benedict Cumberbatch. It was a tough decision, I’m certain, but Mr. Cumberbatch is returning next season in what is certain to be another outstanding performance as Sherlock.
And we’re certain of that because Mr. Steven Moffat will be putting his writing magic on the season (along with Mr. Mark Gattis). Congratulations to Mr. Moffat for his special recognition. I’m pretty certain I heard the world squee and felt earth shudder as fans geeked out on Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith sharing the stage to give the award to Steven Moffat.

Certainly the Twittersphere went ballistic. At one point I had six-columns up  on Tweetdeck (yes, I’m still using Tweetdeck; I’ve got it all set up and I don’t have time for a new learning curve). The #BAFTA column and the #Sherlock column were flashing and scrolling so fast I could watch my internet connection slow down in the network monitor (it didn’t help that I was participating in a Sherlock fan tinychat, streaming a real-time live blog, and running an RSS for the event as well).

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in BBC Sherlock appears to be crying

First, Andrew Scott. Then Dominic West. Who knew the BAFTA voters preferred psychopaths to high functioning sociopaths.

It’s okay, sherlock. Next year will be your year.