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A Boxing Day Sherlock Surprise

Absolutely brilliant! Would never have thought of combining such a cheery carol with the sentiment and images.

Am dashing off now to finish the very last bit of the Holmes Boys story. Might even get a chance to do a bit of proofreading before posting.

Happy Boxing Day (and the 2nd Day of Christmas).

Is This the Sherlock Season 3 Teaser, Moftiss?

Brilliant! I wish I had thought of this. (And yes, I’ve thought of several variations, so perhaps a bunch of us can come up with our own concepts on the theme of using the Star Trek Into Darkness voiceover with Sherlock or just a plain Sherlock-STID mash-up).

More antlers later today. Working away on the Holmes Boys Christmas Story (ooh, now I have another idea. “My mind is like a racing engine…” Seriously. I need to get some holiday work done — and some laundry! I can’t just Sherlock 24/7. No. Really. I can’t.)

Sherlock Fan Videos by Missabre

Missabre was one of the volunteers for the Sherlock Seattle Convention. Alas, I didn’t get my new Youtube video download ripper software in time to bring local versions of her work to the convention and the WiFi was too slow to do it justice, so in case you haven’t seen her work (and for some reason, so few have) here’s a treat for you (Hey, Neil Gaiman tweeted One Tiny Thing and that’s a pretty impressive recommendation!).

This one has a lovely old-fashioned feel to it.

And finally, her third work (which was actually her first) has lots and lots of Reichenfeels.

Are you a vidder who’d like to share? Or a video viewer who has some recommendations? Leave a comment with a link. I’m always looking for more good videos. (And yes, there’s a new one from High Functioning Sociopath that premiered last weekend that’ll be up here next week.)

Good Thing You’re Not One of the Criminal Classes, Eh, Sherlock?

I’m rapidly crating a list of movies I haven’t seen (and had little interest in seeing) that I want to see now that some scathingly brilliant folks have done a mash-up with Sherlock.

Enjoy while I work on getting the rest of the post-convention stuff unpacked and online.

Because This Wholock is Brilliant, Sherlock

Seriously. This is better than 99% of the explosion-heavy movies I’ve had to endure for the past few years. I’d *pay* to see this (even if it doesn’t make sense, but then again Dr. Who never has…that’s half the fun). I mean, Sherlock, Watson, 2 Doctors, Moriarty, The Master, Mycroft, River Song, companions, Weeping Angels and more. Oh, my.

Sherlock and Company Say Thanks for the Party

Martin Freeman as John Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Rupert Graves as D.I. Lestrade looking solemnly at something off camera

Sherlock: Well, I’m certainly not cleaning that up. It was in honor of me after all.


A bit bleary-eyed after the Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Assembly, but surprisingly upright (it was at the library so no alcohol). I’m not certain that will be the case if the BBC Sherlock Marathon I was conned into offering actually happens within the next 3 weeks. Someone already mentioned everyone bringing wine.

Meanwhile, a Big Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Assembly Shout Out to the following:


Teresa Schmid for helping set up, staying all day and making the tea table look so lovely (I ended up with a 100 extra fairy cakes/cupcakes that are heading to the Food Bank or the homeless shelter.)

Becky Maltbie and Cora Pond (no relation to Amelia apparently) for helping to tear down and load the Prius (why yes, it does get great gas mileage but it also does a smashing impersonation of a station wagon). I actually made it to bed before 10 p.m.

Linty Hopie for the loan of the air pot (I’m having the last of the coffee as I type and it’s still hot!).

Mary Brelsford for the loan of several thermoses and for coming in the afternoon and joining The Great Game discussion.

I’d also like to thank the folks who offered prizes (even though we didn’t get to give all of them away, alas. We’ll start sooner next year and give folks more time for costuming, cosplay and artwork entries.

Donors included:

Odyssey Bookes, Port Angeles, WA (2 tickets to the Steampunk Ball)

Port Book and News, Port Angeles, WA (a gift card)

Steampunk Holmes (a copy of The Legacy of the Nautilus)

Our video winner was Heidi Berthiuame of Plano, TX.

We also gave out a couple of age-appropriate prizes to two young boys who came with their family, but they were so excited after watching The Great Mouse Detective and checking out a library book that they raced off before I could get their names (I suspect the fairy cakes and biscuits may have something to do with their energy…)

Jeremy Brett was the winner of Best Sherlock in the traditional category. Basil Rathbone was a close second.

Benedict Cumberbatch was the hands-down winner in the alternate universe category.

Martin Freeman and Jude Law were tied for the Best Watson, while it was universally agreed that prior to the 21st Century, the Watsons were portrayed as too bumbling and dense compared to the character in the canon who was both a man of letters, a trained physician and a cosmopolitan military veteran. (Personally, I argued that Martin Freeman is the Best Watson Ever!)

Attendance was small (around 20 people) but we had some Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts who had a lot of fun discussing and debating the relative merits of various stories and incarnations, shared favorite pastiche novels, and expressed delight in finding others in the area. We also had a number of Sherlock Holmes newbies who were startled to find out that this entire world was out there. A number of folks were introduced to the art of well, fan art, as well as fan videos, fanfic, and Tumblr (although after fielding a question on the Sherlock/John relationship, I did provide a lot of caution about Spoilers and graphic artwork and content…)

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of things to put away and return today. And then I have to turn to class prep for next week.

Happy Sherlock Holmes Week and thank you to everyone for your support!

p.s. Photos going up shortly. I have to find the cameras…



We All Know Sherlock Is Magic

If you haven’t watched Reichenbach Fall (Season 3, Episode 3) of BBC Sherlock, don’t watch the video. It’s all the climatic scenes.

This video is much better than the movie the voiceover came from (The Prestige), however, Michael Caine plus Sherlock is a win no matter how you look at it. I find the editor of this video did an amazing job making Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s performances even more evocative.

And I’m thinking this is a small warning to Moffat and Gatiss that the fans are expecting something amazing for Season 3 Episode 1 and The Return.

Still recovering so I’m running a bit behind on the updates and upgrades to the site. Please be patient and please check back. I’m keeping to my Caption-A-Day Pledge.