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Does Sherlock Look Happy?

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock looking serious and arrogant as someone

What do you mean my Christmas gift was also my birthday gift?

Ooh, you are in trouble now. People with late December and early January birthdays hate combined gifts! Trust me/ (I have a friend born on Christmas Day and you’d better make certain there are two gifts and one isn‘t wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper…)

For those who don’t know, Sherlock Holmes birthday has traditionally been listed as 6 January, 1854. The date of 6 January was never actually specified by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the canon, however, through a bit of specious logic, the Baker Street Irregulars members agreed upon the date and hold an annual party in celebration. As for the year, Sherlock Holmes centennial was celebrated in 1987, the year he first appeared in print, however in the story His Last Bow, set in August 1914, Sherlock is said to be 60-years old which would mean he was born in 1854. There’s a nice little piece about all of this in the New York Times, along with the argument that Sherlock’s birthday should be 2 December because that is Dr. Joseph Bell’s birthday (the actual man on whom Sherlock Holmes is based).

Personally, I like the 6 January because it is the 12th Day of Christmas known as Epiphany (celebrating the arrival of the Magi or Wise Men with their gifts for the 3-year old Jesus; which is why my family did not put out the Wise Men in the Nativity until 6 January). I like the idea that Sherlock was born on Epiphany which means  a moment of sudden revelation or insight. So very Sherlock!

The Seattle Sherlock Holmes fans seem to agree with a gathering on the traditional 6 January and will be gathering this Sunday for celebration (and more than a bit of fun). I look forward to seeing some of you there.

I’d hoped to get something extraordinary done to post for Sherlock’s Birthday, but work is interfering so I may be running a bit late. Meanwhile, everyone should plan on celebrating one of the world’s most beloved fictional characters in an appropriate style (I will, however, eschew the often suggested 3 pipes of tobacco or 7% solution in favor of some bubbly (perhaps not a case) and some good reading and viewing.)

May your New Year be filled with Health, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Plenty of Sherlock Holmes!


I Think Sherlock Needs a Hankie And a Hug, John

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes crying with Martin Freeman as John Watson; Text reads: John, what do you mean there's no Santa?

Really, John, you should have checked with Mycroft to make certain he’d told Sherlock. You know how overprotective Mycroft is with Sherlock (barring CIA thugs who willing to shoot you and psychopathic dominatrices and consulting criminals).

Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch on his Golden globe nomination for Sherlock and the Coventry Telegraph has a nice piece on his role in Star Trek Into Darkness. But since I’m trying to stick with Sherlock Holmes and not get lost in the actors (there are plenty of Cumberbabes and Freeman/Gatiss/Graves/Moffat fans running sites for that), I’ll limit the amount of coverage I give to other projects.

And speaking of other projects, no I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet (but will  as soon as I can schedule a trip to Victoria, B.C. or Seattle, WA), however, I have caught several interviews with Martin Freeman. Invariably everyone asks about Season 3 Sherlock and Mr. Freeman is still saying shooting starts in March, 2013. (I will now pause to do the Happy Dance.) There’s a lovely interview with him in the Irish Times discussing not only his casting as Bilbo Baggins, but the kinds of characters he plays including his take on Watson. It’s a very interesting insight into his perception of both Sherlock and John as alpha males (and probably something the shippers should read before writing submissive John fanfic). here’s an excerpt:

“I wanted Watson to have his respect and his dignity,” Freeman says. “But the congratulations I got were way and above the call of duty. I wasn’t prepared for people saying, almost immediately, that it was the best thing they’d ever seen on television. People really fucking said that.”

Cumberbatch’s Holmes is complex, worrying and mildly deranged. But the role would not work so well without Freeman’s complementary, introverted, unselfish performance as Watson. Everything about the man – his posture, his old-fashioned manners – speaks of the doctor’s time in the military.

“I was very keen on that side of it,” he says. “Basically, he would be the most dynamic person in the room if Sherlock wasn’t there. He is an alpha male who has sewn people up in Afghanistan. I watch a lot of fucking telly. And I like it when characters aren’t judged unfairly. People play characters as stooges and that’s not how it is.

On the “where is the…” front, I’m working on the Holmes Boys Christmas story (no, no, not that Christmas Story; there are no Red Rider rifles in this, although there are pirates). I’ve also got more antler-madness coming (and may even consider putting it all together as a slideshow/gif/something). I was suppose to have a video by now, but it may end up MIA due to excessive personal demands on High Functioning Sociopath’s holiday time. Oh, and here may be a site move to a new server before Sherlock’s Birthday. So basically, like everyone else, I’m overloaded, overcommitted, and working away like one of Santa’s eleves this holiday season (and a pox on whoever came up with the idea of a “Holiday Potluck” instead of catered business Christmas parties).

Sorry, Boys, All That’s Left Is the Double Suite

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes wrapped in a sheet sitting on a sofa with Martin Freeman as John Watson

Unfortunately, John and Sherlock waited too long to make their reservations and ended up having to share a double suite during the Seattle Sherlock Con.


I arrived at the Seattle Hill House B & B to discover JennyJo (TrickyBonMot) and Joanie (likkyan) already there working away. They reported that the B & B owner had said the entire place was filled with Sherlockians for Friday and Saturday. Huzzah!

So I type this as I sit watching Scandal in Bohemia with Jeremy Brett. Dead on my feet, but glad to be here.

Meanwhile, I’m very excited to hear about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Brian Epstein with McGuigan directing. I’m a huge Beatles fan and remember when Mr. Epstein was alive so I’m looking forward to seeing how they treat him.

Mr. Cumberbatch also doing voice work on the Friendly Fires indie album, but don’t work. No Ballad of Bilbo Baggins stuff here. He’s doing a spoken piece entitled Flat of Angels. The collection is due out on Tuesday 05 November, 2012.





Sherlock Cares About Hurricane Sandy Victims

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes listening intently with a skeptical look on his face

What do you mean you what’s a Hurricane Sandy? What are you — a criminal, a drunk or an idiot?

Right. Sherlockian Diane Quintal suggested that the Sherlock Cares table at this coming weekend’s Seattle Sherlock Con have a donation can for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Since I’m extremely familiar with hurricane survival and the aftermath, and happen to have family in the afflicted area, I thought it was a brilliant idea. A big Thank You Shout Out, to Diane (aka Mooney). In addition, I want to encourage all Sherlock fans to make a contribution to either (or both) the Red Cross or the Humane Society (the closest thing to the UK’s Blue Cross). Links immediately below:

Red Cross                                                    Humane Society

In addition, I’ll be making those the designated charities for November (along with the usual suspect of Kids Need to Read).

Meanwhile, I’ll post some newsy updates later.


You’re Not the Only One, Molly Hooper

Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper in BBC Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours, Molly. Sherlock, you’re not actually surprised, are you? She’s got a smashing one of you with your riding crop.

Okay, this is the last one. Honest. I’m bustling away getting ready for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and the Seattle Sherlock Convention (registration ends today, duckies). So I’ll keep this very brief. I think I’ve figured out how Sherlock hacks into John’s password protected computer thanks to this list here.  [“Not exactly Fort Knox.” — Sherlock]

Technology Has Made Their Lives Better

Martin Freeman as John Watson in BBC Sherlock smiling at Stamford

Martin Freeman as John Watson in BBC Sherlock in car with Anthea

Sherlock: “If I wanted to look at naked women I’d borrow John’s laptop.”

John: “You do borrow my laptop.”

Sherlock: “I confiscate it.”

Of course, good ol’ feminist Sherlock has to protect John from viewing all those naked women as sexual objects. [“Sarcasm.” “Yes.”] A Scandal in Belgravia gave us so many good lines — and a naked woman. But in all fairness it did also give us a naked Sherlock.

Look, I’m sorry, but this meme just got to me so you’ll have to put up with a few more this week.



Mycroft’s Birthday Wishes

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes in BBC Sherlock

What I’d really like for my birthday is for John Watson to stop trying to punch me in the face.

Well, Mycroft, John Watson might eventually forgive, but I doubt he’s gong to forget that it was you who blabbed all of Sherlock’s secrets to Moriarty. Meanwhile, we’re all eagerly preparing for Mark Gatiss’s birthday. (Yes, we hope to have some more Mycroft fanfic done (now that someone has pointed out my inadequate math skills when tired)). There’s still time to donate to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Fund and get our celebrations in order. He has supposedly finished the script for “The Empty House” (aka Rat), the first episode of Season 3 of BBC Sherlock.

On a coompletely different subject, if you haven’t caught any of the reports coming out of Cheltenham Literary Festival where the Benedict Cumberbatch fans actually out fanned the Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling contingent (and where have you been), here’s a link to what I think is the best summation over on Sherlockology. There’s also a nice one with Benedict Cumberbatch’s praise for his co-star Martin Freeman at RadioTimes.

Quick Tip for All Benedict Cumberbatch Fans:

Benedict Cumberbatch really, Really HATES when people try to take his photo surreptitiously. So if you spot him, especially if he’s just going about his daily life, control yourself and don’t sneak a pic. He’s also not crazy about fans videoing outside filming shoots, especially rehearsals. So let’s all try to be polite and if we happen to be in the area of Sherlock shooting in January, let’s remember it by photographing and videoing ourselves and our friends and give Mr. Cumberbatch, Mr. Freeman and the rest of the cast and crew a break.

And, finally, I want to give folks an update on the Seattle Sherlock Con coming up 3 & 4 November, 2012. Registration ends 25 October, 2012. There are no at-the-door memberships because of the seating limits on the theater where the screenings of Season 2 BBC Sherlock will be held. Con volunteer and avid gamer, Eddy Dughi, has re-skinned Arkham Horror for the characters of BBC Sherlock (Although, there has been chatter about Moriarty’s rankings, but short of redesigning the whole game — which she doesn’t have time to do before the con — we’re all accepting Moriarty’s 7 for Sanity (“You’re insane!” “You’re just now figuring that out?”)). There’s a special fan video treat and a Scavenger Hunt in the works. The Save Undershaw titles from MX Publishing should arrive in time to be available along with other titles of Sherlockian interests. Sherlock Cares will have a table with some special con discounts on t-shirts and totes as well as a little something extra for attendees. So if you around the I-5 Corridor (roughly Vancouver, B.C. Canada to Portland, Oregon, U.S.) or  looking to meet and hang-out with some Pacific Northwest Sherlocked fans, grab a membership and come on over!




The Real Reason Sherlock Went On the Roof

Close Up Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock on Bart's Roof with mobile cell phone

Can you hear me now?

Can I Borrow Your Phone?

by J.H. Watson
~ 400 words

Sherlock Holmes looked down at his phone and frowned. “John, I need your phone.”

John Watson face expressed his exasperation as he got up and walked over to where Sherlock was sitting looking into scope in a lab at Bart’s Hospital. John fished his mobile out of his coat pocket and placed it in Sherlock’s  demanding, out-stretched hand. “What do you do when I’m not here to loan you my phone?”

“Borrow Molly’s,” Sherlock said as he made one more adjustment to the scope before looking up and adding, “Or go up on the roof. I get perfect reception on the roof.”

“That could be dangerous.”

Sherlock made a derisive face as he finished typing his text and hitting send.

Watson said defensively, “You could fall off.”

Sherlock stared at his friend as he held out the phone in return

John blinked and added, “Or get struck by lightening.”

Sherlock held the stare and the right corner of his mouth curled in a derisive smirk. John snatched the phone from Sherlock’s hand. A blush crept up John’s face as he stuffed it back into his pocket. As he turned he muttered, “Or someone could push you off.”

Sherlock had returned to peering through his scope.”What did you say?”

“I’m just going to push off.”

Sherlock slid another slide in place as he said, “Right. You might  try the ginger barmaid who paints.”

John turned back. “What?”

Sherlock was peering through scope making an adjustment as he replied, “At the pub. She’s interested in going out with you.”

“How —”

“She deliberately turned around to look at your backside last night and smiled.”

John paused. “Right. Thanks.”

John left the lab. Sherlock smiled to himself. A few moments later he spotted something, quickly replaced the slide with another, made another adjustment, then sat up and pulled out his phone. He started to punch in something, stopped, looked at it and made face. “Damn! I’ve got to get another carrier.”

He stood up and collected his scarf and coat.

### End ###

Sorry. Another bit of niggling continuity issues that get to me is that in the Sherlock-Watson “cute meet” scene in A Study in Pink, Sherlock needs to borrow John’s phone because he can’t get a signal inside Bart’s, but after that he never seems to have any trouble. Especially in Reichenbach Falls when he can’t afford to have any interruption with his phone service because of the intricate timing of his final move with Moriarty. I’m mentally justifying it with some backstory that Sherlock changes his mobile carrier after the initial meet-up with John. It’s the simplest explanation…

Oh, alright, I’ll throw the slash/shippers a bone (no pun intended) and say that another alternative answer is that Sherlock looks John over and decides he wants to impress and connect so he pretends he can’t get service inside of Bart’s so he can borrow John’s phone because he’s already deduced that Stamford doesn’t have his. But I’ll let someone else write that story.


Unfortunately, Sherlock Isn’t Playing With You This Time, Molly

Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper in BBC Sherlock looking disbelieving and angry

Seriously? Robert Pattinson Sexier than Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr.? That’s a mystery even you can’t solve, Sherlock.

My best guess is that the TwiHards hired a Consulting Detective to get to the editors of Glamour UK. Or the stoners did. I mean for some reason Pattinson has adopted the brain-dead stoner look and his behaviour has matched the look. I thought he was handsome and interesting as Cedric Diggory, but since then his characters have been indistinguishable from the phalanx of snowboarders visiting and partying each winter. Rock on, Dude!

And frankly, if you want to talk sexy party animals, no one can beat Depp or Downey, Jr. Calling Pattinson “sexiest” compared to them is like saying Justin Bieber out rocks Keith Richards.

Meanwhile, Hiddleston and Cumberbatch make you suddenly want to brush up on your Moby Dick, Ford Maddox Ford, 19th Century Romantic Poets while running a few titration relays on the kitchen table and tackle one of the Millenium Prize problems before engaging in massive grooming and updating your wardrobe. Brainy is definitely the new sexy!