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How About Coming As Mycroft, Sherlock?

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the foreground and Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock lips pinched pondering in background

Hmmm, I wonder who I should cosplay at the Seattle Sherlock Convention?


Of course, you could always go for a gender swap and come as Irene Adler in her “battle dress.” Oh, heck, just wear your sheet. If it was good enough for Buckingham Palace, it’s good enough for Seattle. Just make it a black sheet or at least your gray ones. Apparently, there’s a dress code in the city that is surprisingly similar to London’s.

So back from the preliminary Seattle Sherlock Convention volunteer meeting with some updates.

First, the space for the entire Season 2 episode viewings is limited to 295, so that’s the attendance limit. In other words, don’t dawdle if you’re thinking of coming. This also means that it will be a nice, intimate convention where you have a chance to meet new Sherlocked friends. Pre-registration is required to attend and ends 25 October, 2012 (October 25, 2012).

The convention location is surrounded by great eating and drinking (a simple walk around the block had a tally of 20 by one person). And the programming is designed to end at a time that will allow folks to get out and enjoy some of these facilities with some of their new friends. Woot! Forget the diet, Mycroft! The drinks and desserts on me!

Proposed panels are under discussion with some voting forms being developed to determine what attendees are most interested in seeing and participating in. For gamers there are all kinds of cool things planned including a custom-skinned version of Arkahm Horror with all the characters converted to Sherlock! Sweet!

Members of the local Baker Street Irregulars scion society, The Sound of Baskervilles, have been invited to discuss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Canon and these are some absolutely charming “top drawer” people. The Cosplay/Costuming Contest will be held on the main viewing stage so everyone can see clearly. (I’m torn between trying to finish my sweater in time or doing a rendition of Mycroft — I have umbrella, after all.) I suppose I should warn everyone that the Trivia Contest coordinator is very keen about her job and was last heard muttering about “lighting and special effects” when she discovered that the Trivia Contest will also be held on the main stage. There will be a concert of Sherlock filks, a small assortment of vendors with a varied assortment of goodies on display, and much more.

It’s safe to say that even Sherlock will not be bored!

Updates on the schedule, panelists, and so forth will be posted on the official Seattle Sherlock Convention site (as well as PDF downloads of the posters). And I’ll be posting updates from time to time. I hope to see some of your there. (I’m going to come up with a some small give-away for Sherlock Cares visitors who come up and give me secret password — to be revealed shortly before pre-registration closes.)


Maybe You Should Close Your Mouth, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock and Martin Freeman as John Watson appear stunned and astounded standing in a lab

Sherlock and John don’t know what to say when they find Molly in the lab wearing Irene Adler’s “Battle Dress.”

Listen, after the the Christmas debacle and the “how did he recognize her by…not her face” incident in the morgue, I figure Molly might ask Irene for a few tips to get Sherlock’s attention. Okay, give me some time and I’ll see if I can’t do some flash fic for this. In the meantime, feel free to provide your own bit of flash fic in the comments below.

I’ve got to head off now to go to a Seattle Sherlock Convention planning meeting (and it’s a bit of a journey for me involving bags and things).

Whoof! Finally. Here’s a bit of flash fan fic to go with the image.

Lucky Boy

by J.H. Watson
~  750 Words

Sherlock Holmes frowned at the text message on his phone.

“Something wrong?” John Watson asked. They’d only been back in London for a couple of days after the Baskerville case and Sherlock was already showing signs of boredom.

“I don’t recall taking my riding crop back to Bart’s.”


Sherlock flashed his phone screen for John to read. It said, “Found your riding crop in my lab. Come at once. Could be dangerous. – Molly”

John stood up as he said, “I’ll get my gun.”

“I’ll get a cab.”

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And No, Sherlock, Moriarty Can’t Be the Murderer

Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson in BBC Sherlock in striped jumper looking at something and smiling

Oh, there’s a new version of Cluedo with Moriarty murdered. Now if it were Sherlock murdered everyone would know it would be me in the flat with a microscope.


Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes looking up with a puzzled expression

Moriarty murdered? But it was suicide. Moriarty. On the roof. With a gun. See, John, it is possible for the victim to do it. They must have changed the rules.

If you haven’t heard the news, there is to be a special edition of Cluedo with the characters from BBC Sherlock. Moriarty is the victim. And I’m hoping it’s Molly Hooper in the lab with poison. Actually, I’m hoping it comes out in time for me to get it as a Christmas present and schedule a game with a bunch of other Sherlockians along with a BBC Sherlock marathon to greet the New Year.

The game is being offered by Winning Moves through a special license with BBC and Hasbro. No listing yet on the Winning Moves website. Meanwhile, here’s a brief article over at Televisual.

I’m running a bit behind because I’ve got to prep for classes and a special project on another site, but I should have some new fanfic posted by the beginning of next week. I’ve also gotten a heads up about a possible new exclusive fan video some time next week.

And yes, I’m testing the Facebook plugin that’s suppose to allow me to post here and have it appear on Sherlock Cares Fan page, so apologies in advance for any inconveniences and screw ups (I will reserve my rants about Facebook). (At this point, I’m seriously reserving my Facebook rant. Could we all please just leave and go find someplace that really cares about its users for our gathering spot? Please?)


Mycroft, Don’t You Have a Taste Tester?

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes in BBC Sherlock peering at a glass of whiskey with John Watson in the back

This whiskey taste different. Did that waiter look strangely familiar to you, John?

If I were Mycroft I’d watch my back for awhile. Sherlock does have a tendency to experiment with drugs — and not just on himself.

Meanwhile, if I were a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, I’d probably check to see whether my waiter or waitress is a fan of Sherlock (or The Big Bang Theory) before eating or drinking anything they handed me…

I ma sincerely embarrassed about the recent Emmy Awards in so many ways.

Look Before You Drink, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes making a funny puckered lips face

That WASN’T a glass of lemonade!


You know you really need to check the contents before you put things in your mouth, Sherlock. And you probably ought to stop nicking people’s things…

Really, I just could resist that face. Benedict Cumberbatch has such a wonderfully mobile and expressive face. Please, Mr. Cumberbatch, don’t even consider Botox — EVER! 

And while we’re on the subject, what is wrong with all of these American actresses and performers (and I use the term loosely) making themselves look like plastic dolls, some even starting in their 20’s! Worse, the trend seems to be spreading. I mean look at the photos of Emmy nominated actresses and there’s Maggie Smith looking adorable and radiating charm and personality while all the other nominees in her category look like they’ve died and been embalmed. Even the smiles have a look of rictus.

That’s why I adore Una Stubbs. She looks terrific and acts fabulously and makes us truly believe in a woman who survived a husband she was glad was executed for murder in Florida and can fool the CIA into believing she’s hysterical while hiding the very phone they’re looking for. “That was right on my bins.”


Our Fingers Are Crossed, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes in his blue bathrobe looking thoughtful

Now where did I put the Emmy ballots I nicked off those American actors? I may need to go to my mind palace.

I don’t have TV reception so I’ll have to hang out on Twitter to get the news when the tweets start, but here’s hoping the membership has at least some good taste and good sense, Sherlock. (I’m assuming Parade’s End will be heavily represented next year so we get see Benedict Cumberbatch in another lovely tux. Anyone know if Martin Freeman will make this year’s Emmy Awards?)

###Update: Twitter reports Martin Freeman WILL be attending the awards. Hopefully, with his lovely wife. Looking forward to photos of Team Sherlock and a big win.


It Was You, Mycroft

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes in BBC Sherlock with a sour look upon his face

I think this calls for a dozen chocolate frosted Krispy Kremes.

I really wasn’t planning to write this today. I have no idea where it came from. You can’t exactly call it post-Reichenbach Fall (although I did tag it as such). But it’s definitely Reichenfeels.

I think it was the gray stratus clouds moving in today that got to me. And I’m really sorry I looked up information on the Krispy Kreme site (like Mycroft, I’m on a diet and even when I’m not, Krispy Kremes are deadly for me). Fortunately, the nearest Krispy Kreme is 80 miles away!

Anyway, if you enjoy, please feel free to comment or tweet, or something. Thanks!

It Was You

By J.H. Watson
~ 800 Words


Mycroft Holmes sat quietly in a chair designed and built for comfort in a room designed for long periods of comfortable, quiet sitting in the contemplative sanctuary afforded by the Diogenes Club. The club’s entire raison d’être, as the better educated diplomatic members would put it, or its purpose, as the rest of us would say, was to buffer its members from the hurly-burly, hustle and bustle of London’s ordinary residents. Mycroft Holmes knew he was decidedly not an ordinary resident, even for the Diogenes Club.

He glanced once around the room and made a mental note to have someone on his staff send flowers to Sir Smythe-Higgsbosun’s widow. Of course, she wouldn’t be a widow until the end of next week, but it was always better not to leave this things until the last moment. He also made a note to ensure that he had no investments in his portfolio connected with the any of the corporations controlled by the Right Honourable Charles Cœur-Défaillant who was planning to disappear with his latest mistress within the fortnight despite buying tickets to the National Theatre.

Mycroft felt a gentle flutter over his heart. It was a silent signal from his mobile politely requesting his attention. He discreetly removed the dignified and tasteful phone from the pocket of his equally dignified suit jacket. Everything, and everyone, in the Diogenes Club appeared tasteful and dignified at all times. Mycroft peered at the screen.

The text read: u o me

Mycroft stared at it a moment as if expecting something more. He read the message again. Unnecessarily, but it gave him another moment to rapidly consider the mind of his brother, Sherlock, before taking any action.

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