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Sherlock and John are on “the side of the angels.” Are you? Please shop or donate.

First, I’m setting myself a challenge of a new post per day for the rest of the year to help feed my SherlockCrack Addiction until they start Season 3 of BBC Sherlock. So please check back. So we didn’t quite make that plan, but the reason was, in part, that folks seemed to prefer getting more writing done. So we’re focusing on that for now.

Second, this site is veyr much a work in progress. I’ll be adding and improving as I get time between all the other time sinks in my life. So suggestions appreciated and patience requested.

I don’t remember at what age I first watched a Sherlock Holmes movie, but it was probably in infancy since my mother was an Anglophile and mystery fan and it probably starred Basil Rathbone. I do know that I first read a Sherlock Holmes story  around age 8 and my mother was told it was “inappropriate for reading for a third grader.” Needless to say, this only encouraged me to read more of them.

As skeptical as I was about a modernized re-boot of Sherlock and Watson, I’ve been totally blown away by the new BBC Sherlock series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It’s not just the acting (all the acting) or the amazing success of the writing in capturing the spirit of the original stories (especially if you put them in perspective of their time), but the directing, the cinematography, the production — everything! Yes, I’ve become a fan — again.

So much so I ordered the UK boxed set, watched Season 2 and [not really a SPOILER ALERT!] decided to emulate Sherlock’s caring for “the side of the angels” and  put my passion for Sherlock Holmes and my geek-girl skills together to create a charity fund for animal and wilderness rescue (I figure since Sherlock has trouble understanding “sentiment” for animals (sorry, Season 2 as well), I should step into the breach) and, naturally, children’s literacy.

All profits from my products and any direct donations will be distributed to charity. The bulk will go to various animal, wildlife or wilderness rescue and conservation efforts throughout the world. The organizations will change from month to month (or as needed) and I’ll be listing the groups on this site. 10% of all profits will be donated to Kids Need to Read which donates books to libraries in need and has folks like actor, Nathan Fillion and author/artist, James Owen working for them.

And while I’m totally geeking out on BBC’s new Sherlock series (Curse you, Moffat and Gatiss!), please don’t think I don’t embrace Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson in all of their incarnations — or turn away support from any Sherlock fans of any flavour. To me, Jeremy Brett will always be the definitive, classic Sherlock while Robert Downey, Jr. will always be my “action hero” Sherlock. Of course, Basil Rathbone will always hold a place in my heart as my first Sherlock crush. And the books will always be canon, to be read and re-read throughout my life.

I am open to suggestions for new products, ideas or suggestions, so feel free to kibbitz.

Thank you for your support!


7 thoughts on “About Sherlock Cares

  1. Jenn

    Totally with you…Brett is definitive classic Sherlock, Downey is my action-figure Sherlock, and I’m totally lovin’ BBC Sherlock now! (I even like “Elementary,” seeing it not as a rip-off but as apples to oranges; it has nothing on “Sherlock,” though.)

    Great site! Love it. Love your speculations, too – some I share, some I have variations on, but love them all. 🙂 You know what I’m rooting for with Series 3? I’d love to see John and Mary move into 221C…could you IMAGINE the hilarity that would ensue? I can just picture John and Mary in bed together, and Sherlock bursting in (because we all know locks and passwords don’t keep him out when he wants in) to drag John off on a case, or regale them with an hour-long deduction…

    1. Watson Post author


      I LOVE the idea of John & Mary in 221C (mold and all)! While it wouldn’t be strictly Canon (Watson & Mary live elsewhere with John attempting to have a medical practice), Sherlock Holmes is constantly dragging John away from his practice, and his wife, to hare off on some new adventure and case, so it wouldn’t be too far from Canon. And, of course, Sherlock would hack their Wifi and make snarky comments on their emails, browser histories, et al. Oh, dear, I fear that if Motiss doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity, I might have to.

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m trying to clear a LOT of things so I can get back to some fun stuff on the site. I’m really waiting for a snark from Sherlock on seeing the caterpillar above John’s upper lip in Season 3, Episode 1. Of course, I’m also dying to hear what John says to cause that look on Sherlock’s face in the trailer.

      1. Jenn

        Oh, criminy…hacking their wifi, priceless! I was thinking of body parts that didn’t fit in the fridge of 221B migrating their way into 221C…

        I know it’s canon for John to move out, and it makes sense, but I’d miss those moments at “home” with the two of them and Mrs. Hudson, and if I were Moffat and Gatiss I’d do the 221C bit. It even makes sense if they plan to have the modern Mary, sadly, share the canon Mary’s ultimate fate. I believe Watson moves back in with Holmes after his bereavement in “The Norwood Builder,” but I found as I got older that a time came when I wanted my own space, no matter how fond I was of certain friends I had shared premises with in the past. Having John and Mary move into 221C might be a happy medium.

        I’ll be curious to see what the reaction to the ‘stache Sherlock might have, too. Every man tries to grow one at some point, but few can carry them off!

        Got a funny line of my own…imagine Mary is pregnant, and someone (Lestrade, maybe?) asks John if he’s had any experience with kids at all (seeing as he was an army doctor for most of his career and a younger brother), and John, without thinking, says, “Well, Sherlock!”

        1. Watson Post author

          I can’t see Moftiss deviating from Canon so far as to have Mary pregnant (plus the emotional weight of her death carrying John’s unborn child would throw the series too much off-kilter, especially since Moffat has said the series is a bit more comedic in Sherlock Season 3), however, it isn’t even necessary for Mary to become pregnant for that line. People always start asking newly married couples if/when they are planning to have kids, so Lestrade could easily ask it after they marry with the same response — and Sherlock’s puzzled look in reaction.

          And yes, I could also see Sherlock storing “spare” body parts and experiments in the Morstan-Watson fridge. (I assume Mrs. Hudson put her foot down on anything foreign left in her fridge…)

          You do realize that if I get around to writing this, I’ll have to give you co-creator credit at this point, eh? 😉

          1. Jenn

            You’re welcome to forge ahead and, if you like, credit me with helping to grease the wheels of inspiration and no more. I’ve only ever written one Sherlock FF (a one-shot), and from the reviews I got I dare not do another until I finish one I started in a different genre! 🙂

            It will be interesting to see where they go with Mary…they’ve shown they’re not married to canon, so maybe she’ll stick around awhile. I’d hate seeing John smashed to pieces again!

  2. Jenn

    OK. OK, I just thought of something else…Sherlock seems to get along well with Mary from what we’ve seen so far (at least it suggests he’s able to tolerate her). Suppose the rumors that John hates so much about him and Sherlock evolve into rumors of…a threesome??? I think John would have a major meltdown, LOL!!!

    1. Watson Post author

      Yes, I could see someone like Donovan making a snarky remark about his wife and John’s relationship with Sherlock, and John nearly taking her head off. And Sherlock would be all “Why in the world would I want to do that? If I wanted to watch people having sex, I’d borrow John’s laptop.” “You do borrow my laptop.” “I confiscate it.” 🙂 Actually, in SACD canon, sherlock Holmes does rather approve of Mary who sows remarkable good sense and composure throughout the case.

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