All the Meals Watson Eats MIght Be Another Clue

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC series Sherlock looking down at his feet while Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is standing next to him saying something

Sherlock: John, I can’t help but notice you have very hairy feet and forgot your shoes.
Watson (thinking): Crap! He’s going to figure it out if I’m not careful. Damn Took adventuring blood!

Okay, first an apology to anyone who came on Sunday and found the site screwed up. I violated the First Law of Programming: If you think it’s an easy change and do it without checking *everything*, you will have a SNAFU.

Second, there are certain similarities between John Watson and Bilbo Baggins (besides that one):

  • both discover they like adventures and adrenalin rushes
  • both make certain they get some money, but aren’t obsessive about it
  • both like comfortable homes with comfy chairs
  • both have a fondness for their meals (and get a tad cranky when they aren’t coming regularly)
  • both have a smart-ass wiz(ard) for a friend

John’s just lucky Sherlock is so “spectacularly ignorant” he wouldn’t recognize a Ring of Power if Molly gave him one (although that might explain a lot about Mycroft…)


You’ll be pleased to know I’ve finished my re-reading of The Hobbit (in preparation for December) and am back to reading all of the gazillion Sherlock Holmes-related books and story collections coming out now.

To everyone who has been partying at Comic Con, I hope you had fun.


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