And No, Sherlock, Moriarty Can’t Be the Murderer

Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson in BBC Sherlock in striped jumper looking at something and smiling

Oh, there’s a new version of Cluedo with Moriarty murdered. Now if it were Sherlock murdered everyone would know it would be me in the flat with a microscope.


Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes looking up with a puzzled expression

Moriarty murdered? But it was suicide. Moriarty. On the roof. With a gun. See, John, it is possible for the victim to do it. They must have changed the rules.

If you haven’t heard the news, there is to be a special edition of Cluedo with the characters from BBC Sherlock. Moriarty is the victim. And I’m hoping it’s Molly Hooper in the lab with poison. Actually, I’m hoping it comes out in time for me to get it as a Christmas present and schedule a game with a bunch of other Sherlockians along with a BBC Sherlock marathon to greet the New Year.

The game is being offered by Winning Moves through a special license with BBC and Hasbro. No listing yet on the Winning Moves website. Meanwhile, here’s a brief article over at Televisual.

I’m running a bit behind because I’ve got to prep for classes and a special project on another site, but I should have some new fanfic posted by the beginning of next week. I’ve also gotten a heads up about a possible new exclusive fan video some time next week.

And yes, I’m testing the Facebook plugin that’s suppose to allow me to post here and have it appear on Sherlock Cares Fan page, so apologies in advance for any inconveniences and screw ups (I will reserve my rants about Facebook). (At this point, I’m seriously reserving my Facebook rant. Could we all please just leave and go find someplace that really cares about its users for our gathering spot? Please?)


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One thought on “And No, Sherlock, Moriarty Can’t Be the Murderer

  1. Abercombie

    OK … I read ALL the Sherlock Holmes stories while I was in cgleloe. One of the many things TG and I had in common when we started dating was a love for Sherlock Holmes! And Neil Diamond. We still love to share a SH movie or an ND song — sometimes both in one night! *giggle* but I digress. I too was blissfully unaware that Sir Arthur left Sherlock tending bees. I thought he left him in his Queen Anne wingback smoking dope. Anyway, I do not like “sequels” or books that springboard off classics. I just want the classics. I remember several years ago when one of my girls read “Scarlett,” the supposed “sequel” to Gone With The Wind. Puleeeeeeze!!!!! There can be no sequel to GWTW. It was Margaret Mitchell’s only novel and she’s gone. Gone with the wind as it were. That is all.

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