BBC Sherlock & Robert Downey, Jr. in Friends

Since the New Zealand group, Flight of the Conchords, are a comedy troupe, this is obviously a funny one. While most of it is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from BBC Sherlock, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law appear about a third of the way through in a lovely tie-in.

Note: Any “slash” implications are entirely up to the viewer. And it’s entirely Season 1 so No Spoilers Necessary. Oh, to avoid confusion, it’s not mine but embedded from Youtube.

Youtube Spoiler Alert Warning: Most of the BBC Sherlock videos on Youtube include Season 2 content and are *major spoilers* (I knew the basic plot lines of all 3 episodes long before I got my UK DVDs). I’ll be posting some Season 1 videos until the US gets Season 2.

As always with fan music videos, no copyright infringement is intended and all rights belong to the original rights holders. It’s just for fun, folks (and it promotes the music and the media).



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