BBC Sherlock teaches us that London telemarketers are the worst!

Ah, yes, it must be Spring! Political and tax refund season have begun and the telemarketers are breeding. I had another idea for this image (which I’ll save for another time), but was interrupted by three different political survey calls and an offer for free assessment of my windows. Imagine if they had Mycroft’s power! Scary thought.

(And yes, I know the Benedict Cumberbatch fans (no I won’t call you “Cumberb****s”) want to know when I’m getting to more Sherlock images. They’re coming, I promise. I just wanted to remind every that Martin Freeman won a BAFTA…)

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC series Sherlock on the phone in a phone box

I said take me off your call list and put me on your do not call list.

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