BBC Sherlock The Big Bang Theory Mashup

Okay, I can die happy (after I see Season 3 of BBC Sherlock). My two current fandoms joined. “I’m not crazy. My Mother had me tested.” You just know that Sherlock and Sheldon share a common ancestor somewhere. and, of course, should the Brits ever wish to migrate BBT to the UK, they don’t have to do any auditions for Sheldon or Leonard now that we’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman with their lines.

Spoiler Warning: There are a couple of images from Season 2 Sherlock, but they don’t in any way give you a clue about what the episode is about.


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One thought on “BBC Sherlock The Big Bang Theory Mashup

  1. Sara

    Oh would love to be there but Thursday is my London day. Sunday is God’s day, don’t you know. And the lawn needs mowing. Best of British with it thgouh Sir, am sure it will be most splendid.

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