Benedict Cumberbatch samples American culture(?)

While I don’t intend to turn this into a fan site for the various actors and actresses involved all the versions of Sherlock Holmes, a roving correspondent sent this link in and it’s pretty funny.

Apparently, Zachary Quinto, whose character of Spock claims Sherlock Holmes for an ancestor in the original series, and Simon Pegg, whose just friction’ great as Scotty in the Star Trek reboots, took Cumberbatch to a Hooters for Cinco de Mayo (a holiday celebrated in the U.S. as a justification for drinking large amounts of Mexican beer and tequila — possibly, but not necessarily, together).

The last photo demonstrates why Photoshop should be left out of the hands of some people (actually, if I didn’t know the source I would have thought it was one of the many offensive images propagated by legions of AARP members spamming my mailbox — you know who you are and please stop it).

Enjoy! And feel free to send links and suggestions for material for the site. (I’ve really got to get some work done some day…)

Oh, and just in case you missed it in an earlier post, here’s an appropriately humorous Sherlock Holmes fan video on male bonding:


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