Beware of Consulting Detectives Bearing Gifts

Poor John forgot that old saying, but he should have been a little suspicious about Sherlock and cooking. After all, Sherlock Holmes is the man who strung up shoelaces coated in deadly poison in their kitchen, right above the sink and counter…I’m not saying he’s careless, but he wouldn’t have passed our lab inspection.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes seen in a mirror stirring coffee intended for Martin Freeman in the foreground as John Watson in BBC Sherlock

Sherlock's substituted Folger's dosed with mind-altering, terror-inducing drugs for John's usual coffee. Let's see if he notices.*

*For those too young to remember, there was a long-running Folger’s commercial series from the 80’s where they went around substituting instant coffee for brewed coffee in restaurants and then filmed the unsuspecting diners reactions. It was like reality television on Twitter (the only viable kind, IMHO). It led to a series of Saturday Night Live and other comedy spoofs. And, as demonstrated, the spoofs continue to this day…


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