Can You Actually Clear Your Mind and Think of Nothing, Sherlock?

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes with eyes closed, mouth pursed as if inhaling and hand in front as if in yoga pose

John, I don’t think the yoga is helping. I still want a cigarette and Season 3 to start. Tell Mofftiss to hurry it up.

It might help if you took off the suit, Sherlock.

You know you’re suffering withdrawal when you’re sitting in yoga class and instead of concentrating on your breathing, you realize you’re trying to decide which Sherlock Holmes story, aside from The Empty House, Moffat and Gatiss are going to use as a basis for the Season 3 story arc. Feel free to offer your suggestions and recommendations below in the comments.

I do fear that we won’t be able to avoid Mary Mortenson much longer. After all, in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Canon her story is a pivotal one and the subsequent ones often refer to John Watson having been summoned to 221B Baker Street from both his medical practice and his home with Mary (well, until she dies, which given that it happens between the Reichenbach Falls Final Problem and The Empty House, Moftiss *might* just skip her all together which I’m ambivalent about).

Yes, yes, I hear you shrieking. I, too, am wishing to avoid the inevitable, but I feel we should prepare ourselves for the worst. After all, this IS Moffat and Gatiss who take such delight in killing Dr. Who’s companions on a regular basis. There tendency towards sadism cannot be denied.

Nonetheless, I do want to bring your attention to two worthwhile efforts: Project Mofftiss and The Steve Thompson Project (you are aware he is the actual author of the Reichenbach Fall script and Blind Banker, yes?).  It certainly behooves us to show our appreciation to these gentlemen before they torture us with Season 3 BBC Sherlock. (By the way, does anybody notice that Steven Moffat dresses like a disheveled Sherlock with dark suit, open collared shirt while Mark Gatiss dresses like a cross between Mycroft and John Watson with the 3-piece suit combined with the checked shirt? Maybe someone in Wardrobe should do an inventory…)


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3 thoughts on “Can You Actually Clear Your Mind and Think of Nothing, Sherlock?

  1. Anne Zanoni (@ninja_CE)

    Milverton. We need Milverton. Because Sherlock just seems to collect villains with M names.

    Ah, no, I mean because of the B&E! Yeah, that’s what I meant. And the housemaid.

    I have so got to reread some more SH between now and what, a year hence. Besides the goose story. 😀

    1. Watson Post author

      Oooh! I forgot about Milverton. Excellent suggestion! And yes, The Blue Carbuncle would be good, too, because we get another Christmas scene. Although we all know that John would be stuck holding the goose and poor Mrs. Hudson would be expected to cook it! Maybe they could invite Molly to share in the Christmas dinner and drinkies. 🙂

      1. Anne Zanoni

        It would be good, and also a bit not good. That poor man.

        Hmmm, now I’m starting to wonder how they’d do the hotel part, and the hat, and….

        Not sure Molly would be brave enough to visit 221B during the hols again. Unless they duct-taped Sherlock’s mouth shut? He could still play violin then.

        I didn’t remember Milverton myself. MK Hey reminded me. 🙂 But I did see someone [Jeremy Brett?] do the Milverton story, that was fun. I think poor Watson’s reaction about the maid is burnt into my mind.

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