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Many Happy Returns and Merry Christmas!

Right. Still immersed in work, but just in case you haven’t seen this. I’m sharing it here. It’s delightful. Too bad they couldn’t get Lara Pulver for the monastery bit (and that’s the closest I’m coming to a spoiler.)


Also, I wouldn’t normally put Wholock on the site, but this is so perfectly brilliant I can’t stop myself. You’ve probably seen it (1.4 million+ views on Youtube!), but it’s worth a second viewing and some of you may have been a bit busy and missed it (I only knew about it because Who friends know I’m Sherlocked and spammed me with links…thank you!)


For those celebrating Christmas, may you have a Merry one and for everyone else may you have a joyful and peaceful holiday season. I hope to have a little something for New Year’s Day, but certainly by Sherlock’s birthday (Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, 6th January).




BBC Sherlock Season 3 Trailer With Bad Pun

BBC One has released a new Sherlock Season 3 Teaser trailer and it’s lovely (I especially like the pained and anxious look on Sherlock’s face after we see John in the restaurant. Personally, I think it’s the mustache. Really, I’m certain it’s the mustache. I certainly found it painful as I had 70’s flashbacks…)

I mustache you to forgive me, but I was about to make my own commentary regarding the John’s appearance when the YouTube comment copied below beat me to it.

Bad puns that make snarky comments about John Watson's mustache in BBC Sherlock Season 3

I really feel John’s been punished enough without Gatiss inflicting the mustache on him (and us), but judging by the look on Sherlock’s face, we aren’t the only ones to suffer in this episode…

And, of course, BBC releases the trailer while I’m traveling through the wilds of British Columbia and don’t have internet for two days…

There’s also a new interview in The Guardian with Steven Moffat that’s quite interesting. I have no idea why Continue reading

A Boxing Day Sherlock Surprise

Absolutely brilliant! Would never have thought of combining such a cheery carol with the sentiment and images.

Am dashing off now to finish the very last bit of the Holmes Boys story. Might even get a chance to do a bit of proofreading before posting.

Happy Boxing Day (and the 2nd Day of Christmas).