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Is This the Sherlock Season 3 Teaser, Moftiss?

Brilliant! I wish I had thought of this. (And yes, I’ve thought of several variations, so perhaps a bunch of us can come up with our own concepts on the theme of using the Star Trek Into Darkness voiceover with Sherlock or just a plain Sherlock-STID mash-up).

More antlers later today. Working away on the Holmes Boys Christmas Story (ooh, now I have another idea. “My mind is like a racing engine…” Seriously. I need to get some holiday work done — and some laundry! I can’t just Sherlock 24/7. No. Really. I can’t.)

Do You Know All I Want For Christmas Is You, Sherlock?

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes sneering as he plays violin; text reads: For the last time, I do not know Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer!"

Okay, I have to confess I’ve spent a large chunk of playing the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser (both the US and the Japanese versions) largely to hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice. I swear the man’s voice  could sell me Windows 8 (okay, that might be going a bit far, byt the man could definitely sell me Windows 8. I wouldn’t actually install it on anything, but I’d buy it from him.). So just in case you’ve missed it, I’ve embedded the English video below.

But to give equal time, BakerStreetBabes brought to our attention a very short film with Martin Freeman entitled “The Girl Is Mime” that he did in 2010 for a special project. The entire thing was written and shot in 48 hours (I’m assuming with very little sleep on the part of the writer, director, and most of the other people involved). It let’s Martin Freeman demonstrate just how magnificently expressive his eyes are. Oh, and it’s from Vimeo, so you may have to be a little more patient with download speed.


The Girl Is Mime – Starring Martin Freeman from Tim Bunn on Vimeo.

Evil Benedict Cumberbatch With THAT Voice!

Now I *have* to see The Hobbit in 3D just so I can see the 8 minute trailer that’s suppose to be airing from Star Trek Into Darkness. *heavy sigh*

Okay, back to creating more Sherlock (and — knock wood — Sherlock Holmes) Holiday Madness.

Martin Freeman Had No Idea of What Was Coming

Quite by accident I came across this charming interview with Martin Freeman on an Irish talk show that happened after The Office finished and Love Actually was released, but pre-Sherlock. Not only is it worth it to see his impression of a drunk approaching him at a bar, but wait until you hear him talking about being recognized from his TV and movie appearances. There’s a lovely bit about 7 minutes in where he talks about “if I’m 55 years old and people are still going ‘there’s Tim from The Office’ then somethings gone terribly wrong” (I think it’s safe to say that’s a fear he can put behind him). Then he starts talking about the trials of being recognized (with a super tongue lick at around 8:20 and again at 10:55). He also does this bit about how “with the advent of the Internet” he doesn’t have to see over-enthusiastic Hitchiker fans (this was, of course, pre-Tumblr and fan porn) as well as the fascinating look at how London casting directors initially saw him (“I lost count of the number of gay bare knuckle fighters” at around 11:53).

Anyway, it’s a charming interview and a bit of lovely looking back to see how much different The Hobbit response has been.

[No I haven’t forgotten today’s antlers. I’m just about to post them, but since it’s John’s turn, I couldn’t resist the Martin Freeman clip.]

Sherlock Fan Videos by Missabre

Missabre was one of the volunteers for the Sherlock Seattle Convention. Alas, I didn’t get my new Youtube video download ripper software in time to bring local versions of her work to the convention and the WiFi was too slow to do it justice, so in case you haven’t seen her work (and for some reason, so few have) here’s a treat for you (Hey, Neil Gaiman tweeted One Tiny Thing and that’s a pretty impressive recommendation!).

This one has a lovely old-fashioned feel to it.

And finally, her third work (which was actually her first) has lots and lots of Reichenfeels.

Are you a vidder who’d like to share? Or a video viewer who has some recommendations? Leave a comment with a link. I’m always looking for more good videos. (And yes, there’s a new one from High Functioning Sociopath that premiered last weekend that’ll be up here next week.)

Good Thing You’re Not One of the Criminal Classes, Eh, Sherlock?

I’m rapidly crating a list of movies I haven’t seen (and had little interest in seeing) that I want to see now that some scathingly brilliant folks have done a mash-up with Sherlock.

Enjoy while I work on getting the rest of the post-convention stuff unpacked and online.

Happy Birthday, Mark Gatiss!

Right. I haven’t had a chance to finish the special birthday fanfic in time (but it *will* be up tomorrow as sort of a birthday bonus), so I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite Mark Gatiss Youtube appearances.

Here’s wishing Mr. Gatiss a fantastic birthday (it should certainly be a hallmark year in his life with the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who and a certain-to-be-award-winning season 3 Sherlock) and a year filled with joy, peace, health, and happiness!


(I moved this up to encourage you to keep watching the rest. This is a terrific Mycroft Trailer for BBC Sherlock)

Gatiss laugh-fest time sink series. (And did you notice I cleverly I worked in a “birthday” cake in this post?)

The question is did he give his “secret” formula to the props department for the end of Reichenbach Falls?

And it’s so appropriate that it’s includes Dickens since he was another extremely popular Victorian serial writer.

Well, you knew I had to include some Sherlock video, didn’t you?

Okay, Pryne and Gatiss and hysterically Gatiss comedy. Why can’t I find this on DVD?

And I figured I should include a little something about the future. (I also figured no one wouldn’t mind seeing Moffat and Scott as well.)

And a big Thank You to everyone who donated to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Project which exceeded expectations. (And don’t you think the face fuzz is awfully cute (although I’m rather glad Mycroft doesn’t have it)?)

And finally, Our Man Mycroft!

Oh, and my authentic British Fulton walking umbrella arrived today so I can now cosplay Mycroft at the Seattle Sherlock Convention, 3 & 4 November, 2012! Hooray!