Each month profits from the merchandise sold and any fan donations are distributed, after 10% is given to the Kids Need to Read program,  to various animal rescue and wildlife or wilderness conservation organizations.

The distribution list will change from time to time based upon fan input and perceived needs. The amount donated will be made in the name of Sherlock Holmes fans whenever possible and the amounts donated will be listed on this site.

Please note that this is not a 501 c 3 organization (yet), so your contributions are not tax deductible. (However, if things go well…)

FYI, I am looking for any animal shelters that allow people to arrange the care of their pets after they die in exchange for a donation or bequest. If you know of any, please contact me via the contact page. Thank you kindly!

Sherlock Cares Donation Recipients

Kids Need to Read

4-5/2012: £5.34

6-10/2012: £10

11-12/2012: £5

Save Undershaw

May, 2012: Matching Pledge of  £81

November-December, 2012

Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Victims  – £31

Humane Society Hurricane Sandy Victims – £31

June-October, 2012

Audubon’s Save the Arctic Birds Conservation Campaign: £21.65

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology : £21.65

April-May, 2012




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