Congratulations to Andrew Scott and Steven Moffat for Their BAFTA 2012 Wins

Andrew Scott as James Moriarty smirking

And Honey, You Should See Me With A BAFTA!

Well, it was terribly unfortunate that we couldn’t have a Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott tie, but I’m certain the BAFTA voters figured since Mr. Freeman got one last season and he has another season of Sherlock in 2013, they would make certain Mr. Scott got his much deserved recognition. As far as I’m concerned, the Best Moriarty Ever.

And speaking of psychos… I suspect the BAFTA voters used much the same logic in voting for Dominic West over Benedict Cumberbatch. It was a tough decision, I’m certain, but Mr. Cumberbatch is returning next season in what is certain to be another outstanding performance as Sherlock.
And we’re certain of that because Mr. Steven Moffat will be putting his writing magic on the season (along with Mr. Mark Gattis). Congratulations to Mr. Moffat for his special recognition. I’m pretty certain I heard the world squee and felt earth shudder as fans geeked out on Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith sharing the stage to give the award to Steven Moffat.

Certainly the Twittersphere went ballistic. At one point I had six-columns up  on Tweetdeck (yes, I’m still using Tweetdeck; I’ve got it all set up and I don’t have time for a new learning curve). The #BAFTA column and the #Sherlock column were flashing and scrolling so fast I could watch my internet connection slow down in the network monitor (it didn’t help that I was participating in a Sherlock fan tinychat, streaming a real-time live blog, and running an RSS for the event as well).

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in BBC Sherlock appears to be crying

First, Andrew Scott. Then Dominic West. Who knew the BAFTA voters preferred psychopaths to high functioning sociopaths.

It’s okay, sherlock. Next year will be your year.



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