Don’t Forget You Owe Her, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes looking suspicious

I didn’t know I got gifts because it’s Sherlock Holmes Week. And what did Molly Hooper mean when she said she’d go *unwrap* my present?

Let’s face it. After the Reichenbach Fall, sherlock is going to owe Molly Hooper pretty much whatever she asks for. The question is will she ask for what she wants? Or does she still want what she did at Christmas? Only time — and Season 3 Sherlock — will tell.

Bwaahaahaa [insert evil genius laugh]!

Happy Sherlock Holmes Week Tuesday! To all the artists out there, the Steampunk Sherlock Competition deadline has been extended to 5 August, 2012. Go to for details on how to enter (and win).

Alas, I’m the solo-ooooowest artist in the world so even the deadline extension won’t help me. *heavy sigh*


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