Happy Birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch!

Animated Gif that tells a story of Sherlock showing up in his "birthday suit" fora party with images from A Scandal in Belgravia


I was going to write a some flash fanfic for this but I think the animated gif provides the story.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Cumberbatch and all of his fans who are so thankful for this day in 1976. I encourage everyone to help Mr. Cumberbatch’s fans to get the hashtags #HappyBirthdayBenedictCumberbatch and #WeLoveBenedictCumberbatch trending on Twitter.

Benedict Cumberbatch sitting on a bar stool apparently naked reading a newspaper that covers the central bits

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Fans of BBC’s Sherlock got a present when Martin Freeman announced at Comic-Con that Season 3 shooting will begin in January, 2013 and that the story arc has been chosen.

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