Happy Birthday, Mark Gatiss!

Right. I haven’t had a chance to finish the special birthday fanfic in time (but it *will* be up tomorrow as sort of a birthday bonus), so I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite Mark Gatiss Youtube appearances.

Here’s wishing Mr. Gatiss a fantastic birthday (it should certainly be a hallmark year in his life with the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Who and a certain-to-be-award-winning season 3 Sherlock) and a year filled with joy, peace, health, and happiness!


(I moved this up to encourage you to keep watching the rest. This is a terrific Mycroft Trailer for BBC Sherlock)

Gatiss laugh-fest time sink series. (And did you notice I cleverly I worked in a “birthday” cake in this post?)

The question is did he give his “secret” formula to the props department for the end of Reichenbach Falls?

And it’s so appropriate that it’s includes Dickens since he was another extremely popular Victorian serial writer.

Well, you knew I had to include some Sherlock video, didn’t you?

Okay, Pryne and Gatiss and hysterically Gatiss comedy. Why can’t I find this on DVD?

And I figured I should include a little something about the future. (I also figured no one wouldn’t mind seeing Moffat and Scott as well.)

And a big Thank You to everyone who donated to the Mark Gatiss Birthday Project which exceeded expectations. (And don’t you think the face fuzz is awfully cute (although I’m rather glad Mycroft doesn’t have it)?)

And finally, Our Man Mycroft!

Oh, and my authentic British Fulton walking umbrella arrived today so I can now cosplay Mycroft at the Seattle Sherlock Convention, 3 & 4 November, 2012! Hooray!

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