How About Coming As Mycroft, Sherlock?

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the foreground and Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock lips pinched pondering in background

Hmmm, I wonder who I should cosplay at the Seattle Sherlock Convention?


Of course, you could always go for a gender swap and come as Irene Adler in her “battle dress.” Oh, heck, just wear your sheet. If it was good enough for Buckingham Palace, it’s good enough for Seattle. Just make it a black sheet or at least your gray ones. Apparently, there’s a dress code in the city that is surprisingly similar to London’s.

So back from the preliminary Seattle Sherlock Convention volunteer meeting with some updates.

First, the space for the entire Season 2 episode viewings is limited to 295, so that’s the attendance limit. In other words, don’t dawdle if you’re thinking of coming. This also means that it will be a nice, intimate convention where you have a chance to meet new Sherlocked friends. Pre-registration is required to attend and ends 25 October, 2012 (October 25, 2012).

The convention location is surrounded by great eating and drinking (a simple walk around the block had a tally of 20 by one person). And the programming is designed to end at a time that will allow folks to get out and enjoy some of these facilities with some of their new friends. Woot! Forget the diet, Mycroft! The drinks and desserts on me!

Proposed panels are under discussion with some voting forms being developed to determine what attendees are most interested in seeing and participating in. For gamers there are all kinds of cool things planned including a custom-skinned version of Arkahm Horror with all the characters converted to Sherlock! Sweet!

Members of the local Baker Street Irregulars scion society, The Sound of Baskervilles, have been invited to discuss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Canon and these are some absolutely charming “top drawer” people. The Cosplay/Costuming Contest will be held on the main viewing stage so everyone can see clearly. (I’m torn between trying to finish my sweater in time or doing a rendition of Mycroft — I have umbrella, after all.) I suppose I should warn everyone that the Trivia Contest coordinator is very keen about her job and was last heard muttering about “lighting and special effects” when she discovered that the Trivia Contest will also be held on the main stage. There will be a concert of Sherlock filks, a small assortment of vendors with a varied assortment of goodies on display, and much more.

It’s safe to say that even Sherlock will not be bored!

Updates on the schedule, panelists, and so forth will be posted on the official Seattle Sherlock Convention site (as well as PDF downloads of the posters). And I’ll be posting updates from time to time. I hope to see some of your there. (I’m going to come up with a some small give-away for Sherlock Cares visitors who come up and give me secret password — to be revealed shortly before pre-registration closes.)


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