I Spy With My LIttle Eye Something Beginning With Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch with ginger red hair

Watson will never recognize me as a ginger!

Uhmmm, you may need a better disguise, Sherlock.

You See, But You Do Not Observe

by J.H. Watson
~100 words

John Watson did a double-take as Sherlock Holmes stepped into the room. Sherlock wore faded jeans, trainers and a hoodie while sporting dark red hair cut several inches shorter than his usual mop. John wore a puzzled expression as he asked, “Uh, Sherlock, why are you dressed that way and what happened to your hair?”

Sherlock’s smile turned into a frown. “You recognized me.”

“Uhmm. Yes.”

“So the disguise. Not good?”

“A bit not good.”

“What about if I went blonde?”

John simply looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

### End ###

Let’s face it, Sherlock is going need some kind of disguise between Reichenbach Fall and The Empty House (Flat? Who knows how Gatiss will change the title) whenever he returns to London. But it won’t be easy to fool John Watson — or the legions of Cumberbabes on alert!


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