If The Shirt Fits, Sherlock, Wear It – But Only If It Fits

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in BBC series Sherlock in a black suit and white shirt that pulls at the buttons

Sherlock: You’re saying this shirt. this specific shirt is ugly? John, I’ve modeled for Spencer Hart! You still wear Christmas sweaters!
John: But at least it fits! You’re about to lose a button and do you really need vertical striping?


Sorry, but this shirt has always bugged me. It doesn’t fit Benedict Cumberbatch correctly. The button across his chest is always straining and puckering the shirt and it’s not like the man is heavy or barrel-chested. So I’d hoped that wardrobe would notice and quickly retire it after the first episode. Nope! Like a bad penny, it keeps popping up all the way into Season 2. Please give that shirt to Oxfam!

I will now cease ranting.

However, I will share this lovely bit of Benedict Cumberbatch modleing for Spencer Hart during Londen Men’s Fashion Week. He does a much more charming impersonation of Hugh Hefner than the Hefner himself. (And, yes, this will sell a LOT of Spencer Hart pajamas and dressing gowns.)

FYI, to all those overly-obsessive tweeters and tumblrs out there, I think his feet are lovely — large, but lovely.


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