I’m Pretty Certain John Can Help You With the Answer, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock looking at computer screen with a puzzled frown; text says: John, why am I on the 'naughty' list?

Hmmm, drugging your best friend without his knowledge or consent; sneaking into top secret military bases with I.D. stolen from your brother; breaking and entering on numerous occasions; then there’s that whole naked at the Palace behaviour and helping a blackmailing, traitorous terrorist-supporter escape thing…oh, and of course, the lying to your friends and re-opening psychological wounds in a war veteran stuff. I just can’t imagine why you’re on the “Naughty List,” Sherlock. [“Sarcasm.” “Yes.]

(Notice I left off making all your fans wait an additional three months minimum for the next episode…)

There’s an absolutely adorable cartoon of young Mycroft and his Christmas Wish List here (although Mummy looks much too loving, solidly middle-class and mundane for the psychological profile of a parent for Mycroft and Sherlock). I’d spotted it before I found it listed all a bunch of other terrific fan art links on Anne Zanoni’s Sherlock blog here. And finally, I found this interesting piece from another nerd/geek/tech regarding the pros and cons of Jeremy Brett’s series, Sherlock and Elementary (although I completely disagree with the Elementary analysis given I finally got to see the latest episode all the way through, but I’m working on my own Open Letter Holiday Wish List to Moftiss and may post it, so I’ll save the comments).

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