I’m Pretty Certain You and Sherlock Will Have to Fly to the Seattle Sherlock Convention, John

Martin Freeman as BBC Sherlock John Watson pointing while reading map with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock in the background

According to the map, Seattle, Washington is that way, Sherlock.

YES! A Sherlock Convention is underway in Seattle, Washington, USA for 3 & 4 November, 2012. The plan is for something small and fannish for this first iteration, but then those are my favourite kinds of conventions. A chance to actually meet and talk and share with other Sherlock Holmes fans (and at a reasonable price which cannot be said about pro media cons who shall remain nameless *cough* Creation Cons *cough*). Donations are being accepted for those can’t cross the pond and I’m thinking of this Seattle Sherlock Convention as a Kickstarter convention. If things go well, there would be more Sherlock Conventions in the future. Mainly I’m think this Sherlock Convention is a wonderful way for Sherlockians to meet face to face and share our passion for all things Sherlock Holmes. There’s a related news post here.

I have already infiltrated the operation (i.e., volunteered to work), so I’ll try to get some updates going here. If there’s some interest, I’ll even do some special posts for attendees with some tips on visiting the area. (ahem, cough, cough. I happen to know a little bit about the area.) I even know where the monster Krispy Kreme is located (in case Mycroft needs mollifying) and there’s absolutely no problem in supplying Sherlock with coffee (I believe it is a law in Washington state, or at least Western Washington state, that you can’t be more than a quarter mile from coffee).

Oh, and my first tip, is to pack something black. Apparently in Seattle, you aren’t allowed to go outside unless you are wearing *something* black. And yes, in November, it will probably rain, although it’s usually more of a drizzle. However, it is an excellent opportunity for all of us to channel our inner Mycrofts and break out in umbrellas.



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5 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Certain You and Sherlock Will Have to Fly to the Seattle Sherlock Convention, John

  1. Eddy

    Seattle has the perfect weather for a Sherlock con! Especially in November. Just the weather for woolen coats, scarves, and amazing menswear. I can’t wait to break out my high-collared black wool coat, and really need to get a long umbrella. Folding umbrellas just don’t have style.

    1. Watson Post author

      Agreed! I suspect Nordstroms and other conservative, high end menswear departments, are going to be a bit confused by the sudden run on furled, full-size, black umbrellas. I know I have to find a replacement for my old one (bent frame, alas). And the con is nicely placed to avoid the Holiday insanity both in airports, malls, relatives’ homes. I *will* do some regular posting as I get more information.

  2. Anne Zanoni

    Looking forward to the pics and reports afterward!

    Have so much fun!

    Ahh, and if there is much suit porn, I mean, Mycroft as well as Sherlockery… that will be fun too. I have been reading several Mycroftian tumblrs lately. Love how much we all think — and observe! =happy=

  3. Evelyn

    A Game of Shadows? Sorry, all I saw was A Gay of Shadows. That’s all I saw when I went to see it tonight. My best girl frneid and I were in hysterics. Ritchie got pretty close to the man on man action to tell the truth and Watson and Holmes DANCED TOGETHER! *Does a bit of a Sherlockian Watson/Holmes!Forever dance.*Sorry, I’ve been a Sherlockian since I was 11 and I figured out early on that Sherlock and Watson were totally in to each other.Also I think this movie was, quite possibly, the best I saw this year. In the top 5 at the very least.

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