iPhone Auditions Can Be A Little Tricky

Okay, for those who haven’t seen some version of the story, apparently, Benedict Cumberbatch spent a rather frantic Christmas holiday trying to get someone to film an audition video for his role in the upcoming Star Trek movie, because it had to be sent IMMEDIATELY if he wanted to be considered.  In the end, it was filmed with his iPhone in a friend’s kitchen under less than optimal conditions (to say the least) and the stress actually helped nail the performance (oh, like he needed any help).

However, when he sent it in…

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes listening to a disturbing message

"Mr. Abrahms is out of the office on holiday. At the sound of the tone, please leave your name.."


Here’s a couple of recent articles where you can get the story (as written by the interviewer): NYT & NYT ArtsBeat.

I know just how you feel, Sherlock. Anyone who’s worked in the corporate world has a story about killing themselves to meet a deadline, only to find out that person who insisted the work be done before “anybody leaves,” is the person who left at 5 p.m.

Now what I want to see is  an Apple commercial using the audition video to show just how good the quality is with an iPhone. Now THAT would be an ad I’d actually watch — often (I might even break down and buy one even if I do have to agree to a crappy service contract (I want unlimited data from someone who can actually serve my area, darn it)).

Perhaps we could start a campaign?



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