Is Sherlock Going to Model For Us?

Martin Freeman as John Watson with a slight frown and questioning look on his face

Sherlock, you do know that we don’t actually have to wear Sherlock Holmes Fashion and Steampunk entries, don’t you?

Although, I personally would love to see Mycroft in the 19th Century inspired outfit. You can check them out here. And I’d like to see Cumberbatch and Freeman or RDJ and Law modeling the steampunk designs. It would be more fun than Castle’s foray into the realm of Steampunk cosplay (let’s face it, ACD’s original was a master of cosplay and obviously relished doing it. Even ot the point of tormenting his bestfriend.).

The Joe Riggs live presentation was a delight on Sunday as well.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone at:

MX Publishing

Sherlockolgy (fan site)

Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Sherlock Holmes Society of France

Baker Street Babes (podcast)

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (podcast)

Always 1895 (blog)

Better Holmes and Gardens (blog)

The Beacon Society (helping teachers and librarians use the literature of Sherlock Holmes to engage kids in the pleasures of reading)

The Real Sherlock Holmes – Joe Riggs

and all the rest of the supporters and participants in the First Annual Sherlock Holmes Week. I think it was a great success.

So what are we all planning for next year? (Look Worldcon’s take 3 years to prepare — after the bidding. I figure we need at least a year to do Sherlock justice.)


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