It Wasn’t Just Your Writing That Was Driving Traffic To Your Blog, John

Martin FReeman as John Watson in BBC Sherlock staring at a laptop screen with his mouth open in an "oh!"

Sherlock, when you were looking for surveillance cameras, did you check our bedrooms for webcams?

Of course, the question is who would have put the cameras there? Moriarty’s assassins? The CIA? Mycroft? (Okay, Mycroft’s people). Kitty Riley or one of the other tabloid “journalists?” Molly? (Alright, Molly is probably too sweet and pure to do something like that. She probably doesn’t even look at the Johnlock art.) Irene Adler? (Strong possibility given that she could make money from them on her porn site AND keep an eye on whether Sherlock ever actually has “dinner” while getting a load of eye candy for herself (except she’s gay so she’d probably prefer a camera in Molly’s bedroom…oh, it’s all so confusing).) The folks from New Scotland Yard (whom I’m certain have bets on)? Fan girls?

So many fanfic possibilities, so little time. *heavy sigh*


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