It’s the Landing We All Worry About, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes smiling on the roof of Bart's talking on a mobile phone

John, Moriarty was right. It’s just like flying! You should give it a try.

Yes, back-to-school is playing havoc with my schedule, however, I want to point out a trick and a treat for us.

First, the trick. That drop in the air pressure was Benedict Cumberbatch fans inhaling and holding their collective breaths as he did his first(?) skydive in New Zealand. The photos show him having a wonderful time. The photos are all over the celebrity news sites, so I won’t bother swiping any for here.

The treat is that fabulous fan maven, app developer and author, Heidi Berthiaume, has created a new BBC Sherlock fan video and posted it at her site here:

You won’t find her videos on YouTube or Vimeo, so click the link and check out this fabulous video.

She’ll be doing a number of panels at FenCon this coming weekend, so if you are near Dallas/Ft. Worth, stop for a little Sherlocking (and Who and Japanese anime and Firefly/Whedon).

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