John Watson Will Finally Get the Shopping Done

Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC series Sherlock smiling while walking through a Chinese street market

I love this place! Not a chip-and-pin machine in sight!

Sherlock Holmes is one of those flatmates. You know. The ones who always manage to remember their ciggies and wine, but never remember milk and bread. The ones who leave post-its announcing they’ve just used up the last of the TP, but never pick up any.

John Watson on the other hand is the flatmate who takes 10 minutes at the ATM because he has to read all the instructions and who is sitting there waiting for you to come home because the TV’s on the fritz and he didn’t think to check whether the cable wire was loose.

Actually, Holmes and Watson may have been the original Odd Couple (and if you have never seen the classic 60’s movie stop reading this and go watch it. It’s hilarious! Otherwise, May It Be On Your Head.)


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