Just Kidding, Sherlock

Martin Freeman as John Watson standing next to Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes looking pleased as Sherlock looks skeptically at a small, square, gift wrapped box being handed to him

While I appreciate the sentiment, I’m just saying that this had better NOT be an engagement ring.


At least it’s not in a little soft blue box, Sherlock (for those not familiar with the campaign, that’s how Tiffany’s always wraps its engagement and wedding rings).

We’re all still celebrating Sherlock’s 13 Emmy nominations. It doesn’t bode well that the LA Times did a big feature on Downton Abbey’s 16 nominations and mentioned several other British shows, but not Sherlock. Fortunately, the Emmy voters don’t always agree with the LA Times. I was particularly please dot see all of the nominations for the production staff and the director. It is definitely Team Sherlock and everyone deserves an award.

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