Look Before You Drink, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes making a funny puckered lips face

That WASN’T a glass of lemonade!


You know you really need to check the contents before you put things in your mouth, Sherlock. And you probably ought to stop nicking people’s things…

Really, I just could resist that face. Benedict Cumberbatch has such a wonderfully mobile and expressive face. Please, Mr. Cumberbatch, don’t even consider Botox — EVER! 

And while we’re on the subject, what is wrong with all of these American actresses and performers (and I use the term loosely) making themselves look like plastic dolls, some even starting in their 20’s! Worse, the trend seems to be spreading. I mean look at the photos of Emmy nominated actresses and there’s Maggie Smith looking adorable and radiating charm and personality while all the other nominees in her category look like they’ve died and been embalmed. Even the smiles have a look of rictus.

That’s why I adore Una Stubbs. She looks terrific and acts fabulously and makes us truly believe in a woman who survived a husband she was glad was executed for murder in Florida and can fool the CIA into believing she’s hysterical while hiding the very phone they’re looking for. “That was right on my bins.”


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