Many Happy Returns and Merry Christmas!

Right. Still immersed in work, but just in case you haven’t seen this. I’m sharing it here. It’s delightful. Too bad they couldn’t get Lara Pulver for the monastery bit (and that’s the closest I’m coming to a spoiler.)


Also, I wouldn’t normally put Wholock on the site, but this is so perfectly brilliant I can’t stop myself. You’ve probably seen it (1.4 million+ views on Youtube!), but it’s worth a second viewing and some of you may have been a bit busy and missed it (I only knew about it because Who friends know I’m Sherlocked and spammed me with links…thank you!)


For those celebrating Christmas, may you have a Merry one and for everyone else may you have a joyful and peaceful holiday season. I hope to have a little something for New Year’s Day, but certainly by Sherlock’s birthday (Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, 6th January).




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2 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns and Merry Christmas!

  1. Elizabeth

    Hadn’t seen the first video. It raises a multitude of questions, which I hopefully will have answered shortly. Thanks for that. Second one looks so real, thought it was a new show! Have a wonderful holiday, best to you and yours. And, of course, Thank you for all the work you do keeping us informed and all on the series, and the writing, keeps us sane while we wait.

  2. Watson Post author

    Merry Christmas, Elizabeth!

    And thank you for the kind words and support.

    The travels in the Himalayans, India, et al are actually taken from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Canon. As is the solution to a case based on the melting of a dairy product in the heat (in canon, it was a sprig of parsley on a pat of butter). So I did quite a bit of sniggering about that.

    I was completely intrigued by John’s pouring out a hefty 2-3 fingers of Scotch and then tucking the bottle away behind a closed door as if hiding it from the sight of others, given Harriet’s alcoholism. It seems Mofftiss also picked up on the same idea I did for a post-RF piece. And didn’t you LOVE the way Cumberbatch catches exactly the right tone with the “Okay” after John says “don’t be dead?” — And then Freeman’s perfect expression!

    If they don’t post Sherlock’s essay on methods of detecting hidden hatred by John’s “friends,” I may have to write it myself. It’s just too funny.

    Of course, Sherlock’s friends don’t even bother to hide their frustrations with him!

    I am squirreling away madly (which means that I keep getting distracted… SQUIRREL!) to try and get to a point where I can work on a couple of new pieces. I’ve decided I can’t really wait to get all the other Holmes Boys stories done in chronological sequence before getting to a big one that has been on my mind for some time, so it just depends upon whether I feel the need to wait until I can see what is revealed in Season 3 or not.

    Meanwhile, I am still Sherlocked (Have I mentioned the 5 Sundays of Sherlock Parties for Season 3 with 2 entire days of prep by re-watching Season 1 & 2? Have I mentioned that it’s right smack in the middle of my teaching 3 classes in 2 locations the days immediately before each party? Among other things, this will require massive housecleaning every week for 5 weeks in a row. I have gone mad. Quite obviously mad.)

    I hope you get everything (or most everything — we have to wait for Sherlock S3) you want for Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

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