Martin Freeman Had No Idea of What Was Coming

Quite by accident I came across this charming interview with Martin Freeman on an Irish talk show that happened after The Office finished and Love Actually was released, but pre-Sherlock. Not only is it worth it to see his impression of a drunk approaching him at a bar, but wait until you hear him talking about being recognized from his TV and movie appearances. There’s a lovely bit about 7 minutes in where he talks about “if I’m 55 years old and people are still going ‘there’s Tim from The Office’ then somethings gone terribly wrong” (I think it’s safe to say that’s a fear he can put behind him). Then he starts talking about the trials of being recognized (with a super tongue lick at around 8:20 and again at 10:55). He also does this bit about how “with the advent of the Internet” he doesn’t have to see over-enthusiastic Hitchiker fans (this was, of course, pre-Tumblr and fan porn) as well as the fascinating look at how London casting directors initially saw him (“I lost count of the number of gay bare knuckle fighters” at around 11:53).

Anyway, it’s a charming interview and a bit of lovely looking back to see how much different The Hobbit response has been.

[No I haven’t forgotten today’s antlers. I’m just about to post them, but since it’s John’s turn, I couldn’t resist the Martin Freeman clip.]

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