Maybe You Could Make a Trail, Like in E.T., John

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock looking at something off camera with decided interest

Ooh, look, Smarties!

I’m Not That Angry

by J.H. Watson
~ 150 words

“Black, two sugars.”

It’s funny what you remember, John Watson thought as he put down his cup of coffee.   He pulled out his wallet and signaled for his check. When the waitress merely waved a lazy hand and continued chatting with the tall man who’d ordered the coffee, John tossed a note on the table and left.

He’d been fine. He’d been fine for days. Until he heard a posh baritone order a cup of coffee black, with two sugars. John pressed his lips together and blinked telling himself it was the biting, bitter wind that made his eyes sting and well up. He walked on, his hands jammed into the pockets of his black jacket, his shoulders hunched, against the cold he told himself again. It’s just that I’m cold.

It seemed like lately John was always cold.

## End ##

I swear this started out to be a comedy… I have no idea what happened. I think I had an attack of the Reichenfeels.

But seriously given how Sherlock takes his coffee and the fact that the one thing he raided from Mrs. Hudson’s fridge was a icing covered tart, I think it’s safe to say that Sherlock has a sweet-tooth. So I’m thinking John (or Molly) could do a bit of neuropsychology here…

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3 thoughts on “Maybe You Could Make a Trail, Like in E.T., John

  1. Anne Zanoni

    I have a suggestion: a new tag for post-RF fics with angst inside. Maybe Reichenfeels?

    Because this fic — the Trails — doesn’t disturb me, for example; but the dog story during Sherlock Holmes Week is definitely a RF feels, back on 30-July-12.

    Ah, poor John. Yes, we’re all “cold” with you. 🙁 =hugs=

    1. Watson Post author

      What a good idea, Anne!

      I’ll do that this weekend. The story is actually titled “I’m Not That Angry” but it came about because I was going to do a funny flash fanfic about Sherlock’s weakness for sweets (his diet seems to consist of carbs & caffeine). But suddenly I found myself writing another post-RF bit of angst.

      I try to limit the angst. I feel it’s a bit like spice and a little goes a long way; too much and you ruin the taste if not your health. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but the stories that seem to last strive for some balance. Look at Shakespeare who always had a comic scene no matter how dark the play.

      Thanks for the idea and for reading the piece.

  2. Clauveltor

    I find it fascinating to ltsein to old radio shows. When we travel on long trips, sometimes I’m able to find an old radio show that we can ltsein to. I have also been able to find some at the local library. They are so entertaining! The sound effects really make the show and I feel as if I’m right there!

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