Mycroft Holds a Minor Position In the Government

Mark Gatiss as BBC Sherlock Mycroft Holmes with a look of questioning warning and the lyrics to Santa Clause Is Coming to Town

So be good for goodness sake, Sherlock!

Oh, come on, you know Mycroft Holmes keeps a list of who’s naughty and nice. And where does he get all those beautiful, graceful people for his staff if they aren’t elves? And then there’s the way he can mysterious cover amazing distances to turn up where he’s needed exactly when he’s needed (true, he could have a TARDIS, but what’s a sleigh with flying reindeer but a TARDIS with the chameleon circuit stuck on something other than a police box?). And he used to be fat! (Alright, I have a bit of trouble with the “jolly” (and other things ending in “olly”), but he does enjoy laughing, chuckling, and smiling in an intimidating fashion, so I suppose he could, from a distance, in the dark, be mistaken for jolly… ) And we all know it’s mother who buys us presents.

So I Believe In Mycroft Holmes — and Santa!

NaNoWriMo is almost over (and I’ve almost finished the first draft of my fanfic novel) so I can get to work on a few holiday treats for my site visitors. (FYI, Mycroft has been the only one so far who has utterly refused the antlers — but I’m still working on it.)

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving and everyone has been enjoying Black Friday through Cyber Monday. I’ve got the remaining Sherlock Quotes Version 1 T-shirts and tote bags back up in the shop and by tomorrow I’ll have my MX Publishing store up (along with the start of the antler-mania).

There seems to be all sorts of things that Benedict Cumberbatch is up to in the way of work (His parents did a fantastic job, didn’t they? He has beauty, brains, talent, manners, compassion, and an amazing work ethic. Actually, Team Sherlock in general has some amazingly Good, in the old-fashioned sense as well as the quality-sense of the word, People.

Well, I’ve got to get about 5k words written, if I hope to make my NaNoWriMo deadline, so laterz!


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