Oh, What a Night!

No spoilers really. But I may have to reconsider my thoughts on the efficacy of prayer. I’ve been asking for no major plot or character holes and for Mr. Cumberbatch to be given a chance to demonstrate is comedic capabilities. My prayer has been answered in spades — so far. Granted the tissues do get passed around, but in a good way, at the end of the evening. (And do not think I am slighting Martin Freeman’s comedic turn either, but he gets more opportunities so it isn’t quite as comment-worthy.)

Of course, His Last Vow is from Mr. Moffat, so the atmosphere will turn and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I am certain.


I just realized I should mention that I’ve updated the Guesses and Spoilers posts with my thoughts on His LastVow (Sherlock Series/Season 3, Episode 3). Without giving anything away,because we’ve all seen the trailers, let’s just say I think John is going to be a lot more grieving (which is too bad because I really like Mary) and I’m also concerned about Molly’s health. This is Moffat, after all, and he’s run out of Timelords and their companions to kill for the moment. And we all know Moffat Must Kill Someone. (Imagine a series where Moffat and George R.R. Martin collaborated. Shortest series in history. Everyone killed off by the end of the first episode!)

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3 thoughts on “Oh, What a Night!

  1. Watson Post author

    Well, I was hoping to cook up some fan fic, but it was rather a late night last night (you know how these wedding receptions do go on), so I thought I’d load some classic Sherlock Holmes (Rathbone, Brett, Wilder), get some work done, and then reward myself with some BBC Sherlock re-watching. (I am having to sit on my hands ot avoid breaking out the Final Cut Pro and working on fan videos. I’m certain there will be plenty of those…)

    How are you celebrating “Epiphany?”

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