Publicity Tour Tips for the BBC Sherlock Cast & Above the Line Team

Martin Freeman as John Watson of the BBC series Sherlock winces as an extremely large, bright light come son

Comic Con Fan Flash: Worse than the paparazzi

Sure, they can ban camera flash at events, but there always seems to be fans waiting to ambush in the oddest places. I keep hoping folks will switch to using their iPhones (especially now that they know the video quality is sufficient for audition “tapes”), but some of those utility belts are actually power-packs for nuclear-blast level flash units. Hey, folks, even if you won’t think about your fellow fans, how about giving your favorite actors a break, okay?

Sorry about the rant. I promise to limit them, but really, will the inconsiderate, self-absorbed amongst us (and you know who you are (and don’t you know our favorite narcissistic high-functioning sociopath would be one)) please just think. Why can’t people just think?



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