Scrooge-lock May Have a Change of Heart

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes looking excited during the holidays -- in an antler hat

Well, Grinch-lock just seemed wrong and besides I’m NOT writing a musical this year. (No, really, I just don’t have time. I still have a NaNoWriMo Sherlock novel to finish before Dec. 1st!).

Be forewarned, however, that there is a holiday series about to start. Check back on Monday for the first installment. SPOILER ALERT: There will be antlers in honor of Mrs. Hudson and Una Stubbs.

On the news front, Anne Zanoni has ferreted out some terrific links to art and comics and just plain good fun (as well as some excellent posts) over at her Sherlock blog (FYI, she’s an excellent copy editor for novels if you know any SF/Fantasy writers who need a bit of help. She’s even been known to do a bit of line editing, if you make it worth her while.)

One of the people and sites Anne has hooked me on is wellingtongoose who has a fabulous piece on Why Sherlock Is Not Sexist (and the BBC series isn’t — but Elementary is (and racist)). There are a few minor errors in the series of articles, but nothing that changes the conclusion (e.g., in the ACD Canon, Mrs. Hudson was Sherlock and Watson’s housekeeper and not their landlady. This is a distinction that was significant in those days since a housekeeper was a servant while a landlady is & was a business woman). Recent conversations have made me want to start doing some real analysis of some of the renditions of Sherlock (which I’ve avoided because I didn’t want to raise any hackles, but my inner Sherlock is saying “Oh, please. Those people are idiots anyway.” [Hey, it’s my inner Sherlock. He doesn’t worry about social conventions and people’s feelings.])

On a totally different front, and from the unlikely source of an IttyBiz class mate, are the delightful cartoons (and Cthulhu art) at Antemortum Arts. You guys know how much I love the Holmes Boys and her series of cartoons about young Mycroft and Sherlock are a hoot! (And yes, there will be some new Holmes Boys stories for the holidays — and a little some more.)

I was going to try and get up links to all the things that are happening to Benedict Cumberbatch (such as numerous audio work including the sequel to The Snowman and various rumours of a Monty Python-esque comedy (please, please, pleeee-ase, do a comedy, Mr. Cumberbatch) as well as Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, et al, but the list is huge and I’m wanting to get this NaNoWriMo Shelrock fanfic novel done in time, so I’ll save it for the next post.


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2 thoughts on “Scrooge-lock May Have a Change of Heart

  1. Anne Zanoni

    Thanks, my dear!

    I love those comics. I found them a bit ago, and oh God. They are a scream. Particularly, “Book! Ta, Mycroft.”

    I’m a little sorry to have addicted you when you were busy, but having got you distracted… I think I get something to level up to my next Instigator badge. Maybe? 😉

    1. Watson Post author

      You definitely deserve an Instigator Badge!

      Just found out the the Bujold Vorkosigan Ivan Vorpatril book is indeed out, so I’m having to sit on my hands (which makes typing very difficult) and remind myself I went to Seattle Sherlock Con for my holiday present. (I helps that I have a friend who’s also a Bujold fan who is sending me her copy as a holiday gift.)

      The plan is to get the NaNoWriMo project deadline met today so I can work on some Sherlock holiday “gifts” for the site, since I’m certain we could all use a bit of holiday cheer given the delay.


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