Sherlock Cares About Hurricane Sandy Victims

Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes listening intently with a skeptical look on his face

What do you mean you what’s a Hurricane Sandy? What are you — a criminal, a drunk or an idiot?

Right. Sherlockian Diane Quintal suggested that the Sherlock Cares table at this coming weekend’s Seattle Sherlock Con have a donation can for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Since I’m extremely familiar with hurricane survival and the aftermath, and happen to have family in the afflicted area, I thought it was a brilliant idea. A big Thank You Shout Out, to Diane (aka Mooney). In addition, I want to encourage all Sherlock fans to make a contribution to either (or both) the Red Cross or the Humane Society (the closest thing to the UK’s Blue Cross). Links immediately below:

Red Cross                                                    Humane Society

In addition, I’ll be making those the designated charities for November (along with the usual suspect of Kids Need to Read).

Meanwhile, I’ll post some newsy updates later.


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One thought on “Sherlock Cares About Hurricane Sandy Victims

  1. Xiao

    Can’t wait. Im just a huge fan for the entire idea of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read evriethyng Sir Doyle has read and am a fan of the previous Holmes movie. I think Law and Downey have awesome chemistry as the original Dynamic Duo.

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