Sherlock Fan Videos by Missabre

Missabre was one of the volunteers for the Sherlock Seattle Convention. Alas, I didn’t get my new Youtube video download ripper software in time to bring local versions of her work to the convention and the WiFi was too slow to do it justice, so in case you haven’t seen her work (and for some reason, so few have) here’s a treat for you (Hey, Neil Gaiman tweeted One Tiny Thing and that’s a pretty impressive recommendation!).

This one has a lovely old-fashioned feel to it.

And finally, her third work (which was actually her first) has lots and lots of Reichenfeels.

Are you a vidder who’d like to share? Or a video viewer who has some recommendations? Leave a comment with a link. I’m always looking for more good videos. (And yes, there’s a new one from High Functioning Sociopath that premiered last weekend that’ll be up here next week.)

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