Sherlock Had Binders of Women? Really?

A serious of images in which Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC Sherlock Holmes claims he has binders of women -- except he thinks Romney was talking about handcuffs -- reactions follow

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.  Actually you are going to be stuck with more of this “binders of women” meme this week because I’m still reeling. (Not certain which is more appalling, the antiquated, misogynist attitude behind not knowing of any qualified women candidates in this century or the lack of technical awareness and competency displayed in using 3-ring binders to collect, organize, and transmit the data about these women. Personally, I’d love to see some of these executive women adding the phrase “I was in the binder” to their business cards and LinkedIn profiles.) Some of the other guys will be appearing with their comments on “binders of women.” (FYI, the Lord of the Rings “binders of women” images are hysterical. Especially Martin Freeman as Bilbo.)

I also apologize for not getting a) more posts up this week and b) getting the Mycroft Birthday story posted.

In the case of the story, it mushroomed (bloomed?) to over 7K words in length and I’ve just now found an ending I satisfied with. So I’ll be getting it up this week.  Honest. I just want to give it one more day to stew and to re-read it so I can get some of typos corrected before posting.

In the case of the posts, I’ve been finishing up with the online marketing classes I teach (Master WordPress is always such a monster — and I always forget what a time-sink it inevitably becomes) plus getting as many of the swag bag goodies done for the Seattle Sherlock Convention before this weekends work party. (Hint: There are lots of cool things in the bag, some of which will find their way onto the site *after the convention* and in time for the holidays).

I also discovered I can’t watch Sherlock, Season 1 or 2, while using a paper cutter. I keep wanting to watch Sherlock instead of the paper I’m cutting. I ended up switching to The King’s Speech and then watching Sherlock while I folded clothes (I had to have something to wear to the Sherlock Con work party.) Reminder, registration for the convention ends this week, 25th Oct., 2012.


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