Sherlock Holmes Haiku Fanfic Contest Entries

So far the only entries have been for BBC Sherlock — from me so no voting/ranking necessary. Please feel free to send in yours or enter them in the comments below. We will need a valid email address to award any prizes.

BBC Sherlock Season 2 Haikus by J.H. Watson

Haiku is a highly addictive form. As with pistachios, it’s difficult to stop at just one.


Digital colored-pencil of Molly Hooper from the BBC series Sherlock confronted by Sherlock Holmes

Forgive Me

Dear Molly Hooper,
You gave me life in the fall;
Forgive the winter.


Digital watercolor and pencil of Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes from BBC series Sherlock

Tell Him I’m Sorry

Icy winter’s chill
in error kills the green leaf.
The thaw came too late.


Collage illustration featuring the newspaper headlines and images of the blah coat worn by Sherlock Holmes in the BBC seriesSuicide of Fake Genius

Bloody black coat falls,
flapping in strong winds,
discarded. Styles change.


Digital watercolor and ink of Martin Freeman as John Watson in the BBC series Sherlock

Stop This

Black marble reflects
gray skies, the light enshrouded.
Battle lost. Rain falls.


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