Sherlock Holmes Is Not a Psychopath, Anderson


Technically, Sherlock Holmes would now be classified as ASBD, anti-social behavioral disorder. It’s the bigger basket for lumping sociopathic and low-level psychopathic behavior. But, frankly, I prefer the TCIHNPD (Tragically Cool, Incredibly Hot Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

And I’m certain Johnson & Johnson will have some medication for that shortly… (You just know that if Sherlock had been raised in the U.S., he would have been slapped onto Ritalin or Adderall after the first day of pre-school and doped into submission for the rest of his youth. How boring.)


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2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes Is Not a Psychopath, Anderson

  1. Anne Zanoni (@ninja_CE)

    This is my most favorite Sherlock vid, but I keep pushing the others on Twitter. So it’s all my fault if your site gets slowed down. 🙂 I’m just sayin’. =twinkle=

    Love love love this one. “Brilliant! … Oh, it’s Christmas.”

  2. Anne Zanoni (@ninja_CE)

    Also, I pinched some quotes from this vid in particular today, and that got a few people interested in Sherlock who hadn’t been. The laptop scene made them laugh. 🙂

    (Yes, I could do that scene almost verbatim, but then I can do parts of the Monty Python Michaelangelo skit almost verbatim as well…)

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